Backbone Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old backbone quotes, backbone sayings, and backbone proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Put your backbone where your wishbone is.     

Vikram Seth

The wishbone will never replace the backbone.     

Will Henry

Have the backbone to go after what you want in life. It's too easy to settle.     

Ziad K. Abdelnour

A true leader must have enough backbone to stand alone - even when the crowd wants to take the easy road home. A true leader cannot be dependent on companionship for his or her security, but must learn to trust in God alone.     

Leslie Ludy

We need some clergy with some backbone, who don't mind making uncomfortable at times those who are very comfortable, and challenging them at the core of their faith, at least causing them to pause and to have dialogue and to be open for further discussion.     

Tim McDonald

Get a backbone, not a wishbone.     

Caroline Myss

Toughness is not being a bully, it's having a backbone.     

Robert Kiyosaki

Mutual understanding is the main backbone of every happy relationship.     

Edmond Mbiaka

A garden scheme should have a backbone - a central idea beautifully phrased.     

Edwin Lutyens

Many a man has failed because he had his wishbone where his backbone should have been.     

Ronald Reagan

The backbone of success is...hard work, determination, good planning, and perserverence.     

Mia Hamm

We're always looking for the backbone, the central idea, and once you have that you know everything can circle around it.     

Adam McKay

The backbone of any improvement of governance, its development as well as its protection from any form of wastage or excessiveness, is a mechanism to place laws under the microscope of revision and modernization until they resonate in tune with the methodological development and new administrative technologies.     

Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Ceremony is all backbone.     

Thomas Chandler Haliburton

My Christian faith is my backbone.     

Bear Grylls

A vocation is the backbone of life.     

Friedrich Nietzsche

Self-possession is the backbone of authority.     

Thomas Chandler Haliburton

Good ideas are the backbone of good government.     

Brian Schweitzer

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy.      

Ellen Tauscher

The backbone of surprise is fusing speed with secrecy.     

Carl von Clausewitz

A well-educated populace is the backbone of our middle-class.     

Mark Pocan

Company culture is the backbone of any successful organization.     

Gary Vaynerchuk

Demonisation is the ideological backbone of an unequal society.     

Owen Jones

Family farms and small businesses are the backbone of our communities.     

Tom Allen

Character is the backbone of our human culture. Music is the flowering of character.     


Making money isn't the backbone of our guiding purpose; it is the by-product of our guiding purpose.     

Warren Buffett

The moral backbone of literature is about that whole question of memory. To my mind it seems clear that those who have no memory have the much greater chance to lead happy lives.     

W. G. Sebald

Volunteers are the backbone, heart, and soul of the restoration movement. And whatever the eventual results of their labors may be, working to revive damaged ecosystems is transforming and strengthening their relationship with the rest of nature.     

William K. Stevens