Camp Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old camp quotes, camp sayings, and camp proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

The camp is the space that is opened when the state of exception begins to become the rule.     

Giorgio Agamben

Camp is a vision of the world in terms of style but a particular style. It is the love of the exaggerated.     

Susan Sontag

We belong to the camp of peace. We believe in peace. We believe that our one God wishes us to live in peace and wishes peace upon us, for these are His teachings to all the followers of the three great monotheistic religions, the Children of Abraham.     

King Hussein

All camps are hard, that's what they're intended to be. They make you focus when you're tired, when you don't feel like doing things, and to see how long you can retain and pay attention.     

Michael Strahan

Camp is art that proposes itself seriously, but cannot be taken altogether seriously because it is 'too much.     

Susan Sontag

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.     


But the place which you have selected for your camp, though never so rough and grim, begins at once to have its attractions, and becomes a very centre of civilization to you: Home is home, be it never so homely.     

Henry David Thoreau

Maybe it was the challenge of flight, the opportunity to fly, the competition of summer camp and the inspiration and discipline of West Point. I think all of those things helped me to develop a dedication and inspired me to get ahead.     

Buzz Aldrin

Camp taste turns its back on the good-bad axis of ordinary aesthetic judgment. Camp doesn't reverse things. It doesn't argue that the good is bad, or the bad is good. What it does is to offer for art, and life, a different a supplementary set of standards.     

Susan Sontag

Camp is a solvent of morality. It neutralizes moral indignation, sponsors playfulness.     

Susan Sontag

Away is a place where it's not about the money you spend.It's about the moments you share.     


The fire is the main comfort of the camp, whether in summer or winter, and is about as ample at one season as at another. It is as well for cheerfulness as for warmth and dryness.     

Henry David Thoreau

Boot Camp was great and very interesting. You got to use live rounds of ammunition and got to do a lot of crawling around with live rounds flying around you, so you really had to learn to keep your ass down everything down for that matter.     

Mel Gibson

It was cool at the rock camp girls could just be themselves and they could be silly, they could roll around on the floor playing guitar.     

Courtney Barnett