Caring Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old caring quotes, caring sayings, and caring proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Caring for but never trying to own may be a further way to define friendship.     

William Glasser

So when you are listening to somebody, completely, attentively, then you are listening not only to the words, but also to the feeling of what is being conveyed, to the whole of it, not part of it.     

Jiddu Krishnamurti

I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.     

Pablo Casals

Always be a little kinder than necessary.     

James M. Barrie

The more sympathy you give, the less you need.

Malcolm S. Forbes

To give and then not feel that one has given is the very best of all ways of giving.

Max Beerbohm

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.     

Tenneva Jordan

Want of care does us more damage than want of knowledge.     

Benjamin Franklin

Life has taught me that respect, caring and love must be shared, for it's only through sharing that friendships are born.     

Donna A. Favors

Be careless in your dress if you will, but keep a tidy soul.

Mark Twain

It is not alone the fact that women have generally had to spend most of their strength in caring for others that has handicapped them in individual effort; but also that they have almost universally had to care wholly for themselves.     

Anna Garlin

We should give as we would receive, cheerfully, quickly, and without hesitation; for there is no grace in a benefit that sticks to the fingers.


A kind word is like a spring day.

Russian Proverb

One must care about a world one will never see.

Bertrand Russell

You don't have a garden just for yourself. You have it to share.

Augusta Carter

A person who cares about the earth will resonate with its purity.

Sally Fox

We won't always know whose lives we touched and made better for our having cared, because actions can sometimes have unforeseen ramifications. What's important is that you do care and you act.     

Charlotte Lunsford

One cannot be deeply responsive to the world without being saddened very often.

Erich Fromm

Nature is cruel, but we don't have to be.

Temple Grandin

Today, give yourself permission to be outrageously kind, irrationally warm, improbably generous. I promise it will be a blast.     

Sasha Dicter of Acumen Fund on Generosity Day

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