Cash Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old cash quotes, cash sayings, and cash proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Never underestimate the effectiveness of a straight cash bribe.     

Claud Cockburn

If cash comes with fame, come fame; if cash comes without fame, come cash.     

Jack London

For better or worse, cash is the oxygen of your business, and you can't last long in any environment without it.     

Neil Blumenthal

In times of crisis, cash is king.     

Ricardo Salinas Pliego

Never underestimate the value of cold cash.     

Gregory Nunn

Cash imposes a huge burden. We don't understand it, as it is not immediately visible. It is a huge burden on society.     

Arundhati Bhattacharya

Either you sit on the pile of cash, or you continue to grow.     

Gautam Adani

Physical money, whether it's checks or cash or credit card, are digitizing in front of us.     

Dan Schulman

Cash in must exceed cash out.     

Robert Heller

Cash-payment is not the sole nexus of man with man.     

Thomas Carlyle

Hold cash when opportunities are not presenting themselves.     

Seth Klarman

There's nothing wrong with cash. It gives you time to think.     

Robert Prechter

Cash combined with courage in a time of crisis is priceless.     

Warren Buffett

Cash is the one gift everyone despises and no one turns down.     

Mignon McLaughlin

Cash is king. Get every drop of cash you can get and hold onto it.     

Jack Welch

Control your cash. Stick to your core business. Know your numbers.     

Marcus Lemonis

When bills come due, only cash is legal tender. Don't leave home without it.     

Warren Buffett

Never take your eyes off the cash flow because it's the life blood of business.     

Richard Branson

The only issue cash presents you is the independence of not stressing about funds.     

Johnny Carson

The more cash that builds up in the treasury, the greater the pressure to piss it away.     

Peter Lynch

There's nothing that will change someone's moral outlook quicker than cash in large sums.     

Larry Flynt

Havin' cash is highly addictive, especially when you're used to havin' money to live with.     


Nothing beats a little cash in a bear market, of course, and the oldest form of cash is gold.     

James Grant

Cash is cold comfort under these circumstances. But make no mistake about it; It is some comfort.     

Georgette Mosbacher

When people talk about cash being king, it's not king if it just sits there and never does anything.     

Warren Buffett

Cash is always the deciding factor in such matters of moral politics; nothing ever gets done unless motivated by commerce or greed.     

Jasper Fforde

If a little does not go, much cash will not come.     


Profits are an opinion, cash is a fact.     


We wonder, what if we got rid of cash? After all, cash is what keeps terrorists, drug dealers and gun dealers in business.     

Erin Burnett

There's nothing wrong with cash. It gives you time to think.     

Robert Prechter