Change Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old change quotes, change sayings, and change proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

You can avoid having ulcers by adapting to the situation: If you fall in the mud puddle, check your pockets for fish.     

Author Unknown

The wheel of change moves on, and those who were down go up and those who were up go down.

Jawaharlal Nehru

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

Ellen Glasgow

After you've done a thing the same way for two years, look it over carefully. After five years, look at it with suspicion. And after ten years, throw it away and start all over.      

Alfred Edward Perlman

Everything comes to pass, nothing comes to stay.     

Matthew Flickstein

We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance.      

Harrison Ford

Things do not change; we change.

Henry David Thoreau

Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up.     

James Belasco and Ralph Stayer

People don't resist change. They resist being changed!

Peter Senge

Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

John F. Kennedy

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.

Charles Darwin

The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings.     

Kakuzo Okakaura

A wise man adapts himself to circumstances, as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it.     

Chinese Proverb

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.     

Winston Churchill

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything

George Bernard Shaw

People who wait for changes to occur on the outside before they commit to making changes on the inside will never make any changes at all.

Author Unknown

Change your thoughts and you change your world.

Norman Vincent Peale

Change is inevitable. Change is constant.

Benjamin Disraeli

The only people who like change are wet babies.

Author Unknown