Information Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old information quotes, information sayings, and information proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Information can tell us everything. It has all the answers. But they are answers to questions we have not asked, and which doubtless don't even arise.     

Jean Baudrillard

Everything we care about lies somewhere in the middle, where pattern and randomness interlace.     

James Gleick

Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.

Mitchell Kapor

The more information that's out there, the greater the returns to just being willing to sit down and apply yourself. Information isn't what's scarce; it's the willingness to do something with it.     

Tyler Cowen

Information is not knowledge.     

Albert Einstein

The information you get from social media is not a substitute for academic discipline at all.     

Bill Nye

When information which properly belongs to the public is systematically withheld by those in power, the people soon become ignorant of their own affairs, distrustful of those who manage them, and -- eventually -- incapable of determining their own destinies.     

Richard M. Nixon

Information about money is more important than money itself.

Walter Wriston

Information is a negotiator's greatest weapon.     

Victor Kiam

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.

Arthur Conan Doyle

All information is everywhere. Information that is not here is nowhere.

Terence McKenna

Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit.

William Pollard

Information networks straddle the world. Nothing remains concealed. But the sheer volume of information dissolves the information. We are unable to take it all in.     

Gunther Grass

Information is what you put in empty heads to keep them empty.     

Marty Rubin

Information doesn't mean a thing to people without inspiration.     

Bernie Siegel

Intelligence is not the ability to store information, but to know where to find it.     

Albert Einstein

Private information is practically the source of every large modern fortune.

Oscar Wilde

There's so much information that there is disinformation.     

Ferran Adria

Information is acquired by being told, whereas knowledge can be acquired by thinking.

Fritz Machlup

Information wants to be free.     

Stewart Brand