Lumberjack Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old lumberjack quotes, lumberjack sayings, and lumberjack proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

You're not a lumberjack trying to hack down a tree. You're a dancer, and the sword is an extension of your arm. Move with the blade and keep your eyes on your enemy's upper body, not their weapon.     

Julie Kagawa

Sometimes the Nonman would climb upon some wild pulpit, the mossed remains of a fallen tree, the humped back of a boulder, and paint wonders with his dark voice. Wonders and horrors both.     

R. Scott Bakker

The quiet rhythmic monotone of the wall of logs fills one with the rustic peace of a secluded nook in the woods.     

Gustav Stickley

The logs of wood which move down the river together Are driven apart by every wave. Such inevitable parting should not be the cause of misery.     

Siddha Nagarjuna

Once upon a time there was a piece of wood. It was not an expensive piece of wood. Far from it. Just a common block of firewood, one of those thick, solid logs that are put on the fire in winter to make cold rooms cozy and warm.     

Carlo Collodi

When sudden deforestation and depopulation occur together, that's how you know a time-traveling lumberjack has crossed paths with his family tree.     


Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.     

Henry Ford

If I had four hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first two hours sharpening the axe