Miami Sayings and Quotes

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The thing that's really cool for me about Miami Beach is you have this dichotomy between sunlight and family and happiness and innocence and then at night, darker, stranger mob conspiracy stuff sort of comes out. It seems like a storytelling engine. You can just keep writing about how those two worlds smash into each other.      

Mitch Glazer

Miami is one of these places where diversity is in our blood, where, you know, if you want to go have a Nicaraguan breakfast, a Cuban lunch, and an American diner dinner, you do.     

ana navarro

Miami is a melting pot in which none of the stones melt. They rattle around.     

Tom Wolfe

Almost everything strange washes up near Miami     

Rick Riordan

Miami, in many ways, is a quintessentially American City. The juxtaposition of showy wealth with dire pennilessness, the tuzzle of glitz and decay doesnt come any more marked than here.     

Tibor Fischer

Miami's not anybody's poor cousin. It's an inspiration to live in this town, not something you have to do to promote yourself like some of the larger cities.     

Iggy Pop

Miami's never been more than a spit from New York.     

Iggy Pop

Miami can be super-kitschy at times, and it's fun to embrace that.     

Camila Mendez

Miami is a party city, a go past city.     

Rick Ross