Motocross Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old motocross quotes, motocross sayings, and motocross proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

I'm a bit of a speed demon. I ride my motorbike every weekend. I've had bikes since I was a kid and my 11-year-old brother, who's like my son, has an identical motocross bike to me, except smaller. Everything I do he wants to do.     

Kelvin Fletcher

Anybody can jump a motorcycle. The trouble begins when you try to land it.     

Evel Knievel

Motor racing can never be totally safe and it never should be in my opinion.     

Murray Walker

With motocross I've found that passion becomes your identity and that identity breaks all barriers.     

Travis Pastrana

Do I race motorcycles? I do. I use the word 'race' because, I admit, what I do on a motocross bike is different than riding a Harley down the street.     

Jeff Kent

In racing, they say that your car goes where your eyes go. The driver who cannot tear his eyes away from the wall as he spins out of control will meet that wall; the driver who looks down the track as he feels his tires break free will regain control of his vehicle.     

Garth Stein

There's a lot of dangerous sports. You know, my opinion, football is the most dangerous sport there is. After that I'll give it to probably boxing. Then there's some other extreme sports out there, motocross where you're really risking your neck every time you go out there and do it.     

Jon Jones

Balance, or drivability, and the ability to accelerate while cornering are more important than maximum cornering power - every time. Until you reach teh top levels of professional motor racing you will achieve more results by optimizing the package that you have than by redesigning it.     

Carroll Smith

A motorcycle coming down from 30 feet at 70 mph gives you a terrible jolt.     

Evel Knievel

The best way to make a small fortune in racing is to start with a big one.     

Junior Johnson

Driving a motorcycle is like flying. All your senses are alive. When I ride through Beverly Hills in the early morning, and all the sprinklers have turned off, the scents that wash over me are just heavenly. Being House is like flying, too. You're free of the gravity of what people think.     

Hugh Laurie

A motorcycle is an independent thing.     

Ryan Hurst

Even in motocross, youre struggling to see people pass each other anymore. There seems to be one line in motocross.     

Casey Stoner

The older I get, the faster I was.     

Charles Barkley

Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary… that's what gets you.     

Jeremy Clarkson

I think there is no defending a title. You don't go into a season with a points advantage over anyone. So I don't think it's ever a title defence. I think you've got a different number on your bike, if you choose so, but everyone starts at zero again.     

Casey Stoner

To be a racing driver it's essential you have very good eyesight, and that's especially relevant at night. Your senses are heightened, you're travelling over 200mph, you need to focus on that 110-metre braking point and you have to have absolute faith and commitment in your driving.     

Allan McNish