Planet Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old planet quotes, planet sayings, and planet proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

We are using resources as if we had two planets, not one. There can be no 'plan B' because there is no 'planet B.'     

Ban Ki-moon

We are on this planet but once, and to spend it holding back our gushing appreciation of the things that light us up is a shameful waste.     

Jen Sincero

We have the most beautiful planet - the Rockies, the purple fields of the United States, the Lake District, the Pyrenees, the turquoise seas of the tropics.     

Dan Aykroyd

So often we talk about saving the planet, but what we really mean is to save the planet the way it is, so we can live here. So that is can sustain us.     

Dave Matthews

The planet's hope and salvation lies in the adoption of revolutionary new knowledge being revealed at the frontiers of science.     

Bruce Lipton

Planet Earth is far more resilient than humans and will certainly outlive us.     

Emily Calandrelli

One planet, one experiment.     

E. O. Wilson

The planet isn't going anywhere. We are.     

George Carlin

The Planet drifts to random insect doom.     

William S. Burroughs

Our planet is a tiny atom in god's kingdom.     

Paula Cole

Any planet is 'Earth' to those that live on it.     

Isaac Asimov

Could it be that the planets are castaway heads.     

Visar Zhiti

My view of our planet was a glimpse of divinity.     

Edgar Mitchell

We batter this planet as if we had someplace else to go.     

Ann Druyan

This planet is a wonderful place, but a vulnerable place.     

Assata Shakur

When you live on a round planet, there's no choosing sides.     

Wayne Dyer

The planet is always half light and half dark, and so are we.     

Jennifer Lynch

There is no planet B. We have to take care of the one we have     

Richard Branson

This planet is our home. Our life and hers are interdependent.     

Doreen Valiente

We occupy the planet with a vengeance. We seek to dominate it.     

Henry Rollins

Unless we keep this planet healthy, everything else is for naught.     

Victoria Principal

An endangered planet may depend on the evolution of consciousness.     

Deepak Chopra

What good is a planet called Earth, after all, if you own no land?     

Kurt Vonnegut

Planet Earth is our shared island, let us join forces to protect it.     

Ban Ki-moon

The planet is in distress and all of the attention is on Paris Hilton.     

Al Gore

Essentially the soul of the planet is being controlled by corporations.     

Paul Morley

A planet is the cradle of mind, but one cannot live in a cradle forever.     

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

This planet is obviously being used as an insane asylum by other planets.     

George Bernard Shaw

Our planet's alarm is going off, and it is time to wake up and take action!     

Leonardo DiCaprio

The destruction of this planet would have no significance on a cosmic scale.     

Stanley Kubrick