Prestige Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old prestige quotes, prestige sayings, and prestige proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

The prestige you acquire by being able to tell your friends that you know famous men proves only that you are yourself of small account.     

W. Somerset Maugham

Chronological prestige is tenacious: once attained, it can't be shed; it increased moment by moment, day by day, pressing its honours on you until you are lavishly, overly endowed with them. Until you literally sink under them.     

Shirley Hazzard

Often times, the more power and prestige a person achieves, the more arrogant a person can become.     

John Ensign

His renown has been purchased, not by deeds of violence and blood, but by the diligent dispensation of pleasure.     

Washington Irving

Prestige is the shadow of money and power.     

C. Wright Mills

All the money, all the prestige in the world will never make up for the loss of your freedom.      

George Monbiot

A man's renown is like the hue of grass, Which comes and goes.     

Dante Alighieri

In a dying civilization, political prestige is the reward not of the shrewdest diagnostician, but of the man with the best bedside manner.     

Eric Ambler

The renown of great men should always be measured by the means which they have used to acquire it.     

Francois de la Rochefoucauld

There can be no prestige without mystery, for familiarity breeds contempt.     

Charles De Gaulle

Prestige and premium will also play an important role in the future. But some people define these values differently today.     

Norbert Reithofer

The renown which riches or beauty confer is fleeting and frail mental excellence is a splendid and lasting possession.     


Measuring national prestige by gold medals is like using viagra to judge the potency of a man.     

Ai Weiwei

Renown awaits the commander who first restores artillery to its prime importance on the battlefield.     

Winston Churchill

Renown is something people have always wanted, but maybe what's modern is that it's considered a virtue, this desire, rather than a vice. I might be wrong about this.     

Sheila Heti

To feminine eyes a man's prestige, or his fame, envelops him in a luminous haze which obscures his faults. The triumphs of an aviator, an actor, a football player, an orator are often responsible for the beginning of a love affair.     

Andre Maurois