Apathy Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old apathy quotes, apathy sayings, and apathy proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Apathy is one of the characteristic responses of any living organism when it is subjected to stimuli too intense or too complicated to cope with. The cure for apathy is comprehension.     

John Dos Passos

Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hand.     

Bodie Thoene

Apathy is the death knell of any order. Once a system has degenerated to the point that apathy is the only thing holding it in place it, it is in its twilight phase. Then one day the music stops.     


Apathy and evil. The two work hand in hand. They are the same, really.... Evil wills it. Apathy allows it. Evil hates the innocent and the defenseless most of all. Apathy doesn't care as long as it's not personally inconvenienced.     


Apathy is a sort of living oblivion.     

Horace Greeley

Apathy is the self-defense of the powerless.     

Letty Pogrebin

Hate is not the opposite of love; apathy is.     

Rollo May

The greatest danger to our future is apathy.     

Jane Goodall

Apathy - If we don't take care of the customer, maybe they'll stop bugging us.     

Larry Kersten

We may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all -- the apathy of human beings.     

Helen Keller

Scientists announced today that they have discovered a cure for apathy. However, they claim no one has shown the slightest interest in it.     

George Carlin

By far the most dangerous foe we have to fight is apathy - indifference from whatever cause, not from a lack of knowledge, but from carelessness, from absorption in other pursuits, from a contempt bred of self satisfaction.     

William Osler

It is important for people to realize that we can make progress against world hunger, that world hunger is not hopeless. The worst enemy is apathy.     

Reverend David Beckmann

Apathy occurs when you aren't interested enough in your own life to be the chief influence in it.     

A. Brandon Trean

Apathy in general; people who are not standing up for what they believe in because somebody's got a louder mouth than them; it doesn't make any sense.     

Avan Jogia

Public apathy is more powerful than public opinion. There's more of it.     

Dr. Jim Boren

Apathy can be overcome by enthusiasm.     

Arnold J. Toynbee

A lot of you cared, just not enough.     

Jay Asher

Apathy is a trap. There is no challenge... so there is no reward. Remember, there is always free cheese in a mousetrap.     

Steve Maraboli

To be apathetic is literally to be without passion.     

Erwin Raphael McManus

If moderation is a fault, then indifference is a crime.     

Georg C. Lichtenberg

There is nothing harder than the softness of indifference.     

Juan Montalvo

Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike.     

J K Rowling

Always remember, the future of all of our tomorrows will be reflected by how we react to the mediocrity and apathy of others today.     

George Kincses

Most ignorance is the direct result of apathy; people don't know because they don't care to know.     

Vikrant Parsai

Your life begins to end the moment you start being silent about the things that matter.     

Martin Luther King Jr

The world is in chaos not because of violence by bad people but because of silence of good people.     

Ritu Ghatourey

The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.     


The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that's the essence of inhumanity.     

George Bernard Shaw

Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.     

John Stuart Mill