Apostolic Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old apostolic quotes, apostolic sayings, and apostolic proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Christ is the master; the Scriptures are only the servant.     

Martin Luther

An apostolic missionary must have both heart and tongue ablaze with charity.     

Anthony Mary Claret

The more fully that the gospel is preached, in the grand old apostolic way, the more likely is it to accomplish the results which it did in the apostolic days.     

Horatius Bonar

The apostolic plan was not to raise ways and means, but to go and do the work.     

James Hudson Taylor

A Christianity without a passion to turn the world upside down is not reflective of apostolic Christianity.     

Carl F. H. Henry

Apostolic preaching cannot be carried on unless there be apostolic prayer. Men of God, before anything else, are indispensable to the furtherance of the kingdom of God on earth.     

Edward Mckendree Bounds

In an apostolic network the person in charge of maintaining the DNA of the network is the lead apostle, who consults with those he or she chooses, and no one else.     

C. Wagner

To be a Christian is to be a theologian-a student of God and his will. The contemporary disdain for theological content and emphasis on self-image and emotions were not shared by the apostolic church.     

R. C. Sproul

The Spirit is testifying that a new day is dawning. The stage of the world is being set for a fullness of a harvest and a genuine apostolic reformation in a new way.     

Mark Chironna

Apostolic preaching is not marked by its beautiful diction, or literary polish, or Cleverness of expression, but Operates “in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.     

Arthur Wallis

We are in the times of the beginning of a new epoch for Christianity. True apostolic Christianity is being restored to the earth.     

Rick Joyner

Apostles go into new territory and establish God's kingdom.     

Sherry K. White

True apostles do not speak to flatter people. True apostles are not self seeking. True apostles do not seek praise from mere men.     


The apostles were moved, not so much by an intellectual apprehension, as by a spiritual illumination. They met men, and the need of those men whom they met cried aloud to them.     

Roland Allen

An Apostle is a missionary, bearing testimony of the reality and divinity of Jesus Christ in all the world.     

David A. Bednar

The apostles had this instinct: When in trouble, pray. When intimidated, pray. When challenged, pray. When persecuted, pray!     

Jim Cymbala

Apostles receive revelations from God, and consequently they are able to say this is what the Spirit is saying to the churches right now. Making such a statement with credibility carries with it tremendous authority.     

C. Wagner

Christ had given the apostles a world-wide commission, embracing all the nations; but intellectually they did not understand what He meant. They found that out as they followed the impulse of the Spirit.     

Roland Allen

The apostles were very sure that everything of theirs which had to do with salvation was a gift to them from God. Increase our faith Lk. 17:5. They did not presume that the fullness of faith would come to them merely because they freely opted for it. They believed, rather, that it was a gift of God which would have to be granted to them.     

John Cassian

True, the apostles did not expressly say that people will be saved only if they repent, believe, and confess. But most evangelicals assume with good reason that this is what the apostles implied.     

Lewis B. Smedes

Let it ever be remembered that genuine faith in Christ will ever be productive of good works; for this faith worketh by love, as the apostle says, and love to God always produces obedience to his holy laws.     

Adam Clarke Quotes

There is an urgent need for the emergence of a new generation of apostles anchored firmly in the word of Christ, capable of responding to the challenges of our times and prepared to spread the Gospel far and wide.     

Pope Benedict XVI

The apostle enters upon his subject thus let every soul be subject unto the higher powers; for there is no power but of God: the powers that be, are ordained of God.     

Jonathan Mayhew

How apostles are received is a key measuring stick as to how the Lord will release blessings or judgments on a territory. Apostles also have authority over the demonic rulers of a region. They have the ability to demonstrate supernatural power that draws a whole region to our life-giving God.     

Chuck Pierce