Army Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old army quotes, army sayings, and army proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

An army of philosophers would not be sufficient to change the nature of error and to make it truth.     


Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea.     

Samuel Johnson

An army marches on its stomach.     

Napoleon Bonaparte

No army has ever done so much with so little.     

Douglas Macarthur

If I could tell soldiers one thing, it would be: have faith. Faith in the Army, the leadership, and their own ability.     

Robert E. Hall

Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.     

George Washington

There is strong. There is Army Strong. And then there is Army Wife Strong.     

Aditi Mathur Kumar

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.     

Alexander The Great

A standing army is one of the greatest mischief that can possibly happen     

James Madison

Everyone imposes his own system as far as his army can reach.     

Joseph Stalin

Ten soldiers lead wisely will beat a hundred without a head.     


A military coup needs a sacrifice and courage that you can't find in an army without morale.     

Jalal Talabani

The army teaches boys to think like men.     

Elvis Presley

An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot.     

Thomas Paine

If goods don't cross borders, armies will.     

Frederic Bastiat

An army is a nation within a nation, it is one of the vices of courage.     

Alfred de Vigny

You don't want captains in the army who know too much or think too much.     

Robert Graves

The Army is the true nobility of our country.     

Napoleon Bonaparte

Good soldiers never pass up a chance to eat or sleep. They never know how much they'll be called on to do before the next chance     

Lois McMaster Bujold

He belonged to that army known as invincible in peace, invisible in war.     

William Tecumseh Sherman

A safe army is better than a safe border     

B.R. Ambedkar

Behind every dreamer stands an army full of true believers.     

Chris Burkmenn

Victory usually goes to the army who has better trained officers and men.     

Sun Tzu

They be marching hand in hand, like going to war.     

Alice Walker

A good battle plan that you act on today can be better than a perfect one tomorrow.     

Gen George S. Patton

An army without culture is a dull-witted army, and a dull-witted army cannot defeat the enemy     

Mao Zedong

I'm not a leader now. I'm a whole damn army.     

Joss Whedon

No nation ever had an army large enough to guarantee it against attack in a time of peace or ensure it of victory in time of war.     

Calvin Coolidge

If our soldiers are not overburdened with money, it is not because they have a distaste for riches; if their lives are not unduly long, it is not because they are disinclined to longevity.     

Sun Tzu

The great armies, accumulated to provide security and preserve the peace, carried the nations to war by their own weight.     

A. J. P. Taylor

Every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must     

Thomas Jefferson

I can't expect loyalty from the army if I do not give it.     

George C Marshall

Two armies that fight each other is like one large army that commits suicide.     

Henri Barbusse

There is only one Army in which you serve. When that identity is gone, it is gone forever.     

Stanley A. McChrystal

A man will go to war, fight and die for his country. But he won't get a bikini wax.     

Rita Rudner

You must give soldiers reasons to have confidence and pride in themselves, in their leaders, and in their units. Only then will you have loyalty. Loyalty was the primary trait I looked for in soldiers.     

George W. Dunaway

The conventional army loses if it does not win. The guerrilla wins if he does not lose.     

Henry A. Kissinger

The army is at once the worst place for egoists, and the best.     

Anthony Powell

Without discipline the Army would just be a bunch of guys wearing the same color clothing.     

Frank Burns

National armies fight nations, royal armies fight their like, the first obey a mob, always demented and the second a king, generally sane.     

J. F. C. Fuller

Do not swallow bait offered by the enemy. Do not interfere with an army that is returning home.     

Sun Tzu

I can't expect loyalty from the army if I do not give it.     

George Marshall

When armies are mobilized and issues joined, the man who is sorry over the fact will win     

Lao Tzu

I feel an army in my fist.     

Friedrich Schiller

The history of a soldier's wound beguiles the pain of it.     

Laurence Sterne

The courage of a soldier is found to be the cheapest and most common quality of human nature.     

Edward Gibbon

The army is always the same. The sun and the moon change. The army knows no seasons.     

Frank S. Nugent

What I really learned in the army was how to be a pacifist.     

Utah Phillips

It is fatal to enter a war without the will to win it.     

Douglas Macarthur

The army was kept in as good state of fitness as the funds would allow.     

John Updike