Aspergers Sayings and Quotes

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It seems that for success in science or art, a dash of autism is essential.     

Hans Asperger

What would happen if the autism gene was eliminated from the gene pool?You would have a bunch of people standing around in a cave, chatting and socializing and not getting anything done.     

Temple Grandin

From a scientific standpoint, Aspergers and autism are one syndrome. Aspergers is part of the autism spectrum, not a separate disorder.     

Temple Grandin

Who do you think made the first stone spears? The Asperger guy. If you were to get rid of all the autism genetics, there would be no more Silicon Valley.     

Temple Grandin

Asperger's syndrome has probably been an important and valuable characteristic of our species throughout evolution.     

Tony Attwood

A person with autism lives in his own world, while a person with Asperger's lives in our world, in a way of his own choosing.     

Nicholas Sparks

There's no black and white dividing line between a mild Aspergers, which is the mild autism, and computer engineer, for example.     

Temple Grandin

Saying you "have" something implies that it's temporary and undesirable. Asperger's isn't like that. You've been Aspergian as long as you can remember, and you'll be that way all your life. It's a way of being, not a disease.     

John Elder Robison

Children and adults with Asperger's Syndrome have a different, not defective, way of thinking.     

Tony Attwood