Assassin Sayings and Quotes

Assassins conjure up an air of mystery. Yes, they are technically murderers, but their stealthiness is fodder for countless fiction and film storylines, furthering the fascination of the public. Below you’ll find a collection of insightful assassin quotes.

An Assassin, a real Assassin had to look like one-black clothes, hood, boots, and all. If they could wear any clothes, any disguise, then what could anyone do but spend all day in a small room with a loaded crossbow pointed at the door?     

Terry Pratchett

The greatest assassin of life is haste, the desire to reach things before the right time which means overreaching them.     

Juan Ramon Jimenez

My dad was a quiet assassin. He was really charming and smiley and softly spoken, but he could knock you out in a second.     

Jimmy Barnes

Words without actions are the assassins of idealism.     

Herbert Hoover

Assassins did have a certain code, after all. It was dishonorable to kill someone if you weren't being paid.     

Terry Pratchett

Assassin?… That sounds so exotic… I was just a murderer.     

Richard Kuklinski

I thought the Secret Service would protect me from the press, but they were at my house to protect me from assassins with guns, not with assassins with pencils.     

Michael Reagan

Idea-assassins rush forward to kill any new suggestion on the grounds of its impracticality, while defending whatever now exists as practical, no matter how absurd.     

Alvin Toffler

How shall the murdered man convince his assassin he will not haunt him.     

Malcolm Lowry

A wet boy has a deader, an assassin has a target, because assassins sometimes miss.     

Brent Weeks

I was no assassin. I got out during the amnesty because I had not committed any violent crimes.     

Jose Mujica