Atlanta Sayings and Quotes

The city of Atlanta has a lot going for it. It’s got a famous music scene, a burgeoning film industry, and has the perfect balance of urban center and nature. Learn what else makes the city great with the collection of insightful and humorous quotes about Atlanta below.

Atlanta has become and has always been a place where you create your own universe.     

Brian Tyree Henry

In Atlanta, there's no limitation to where you can take your music. You can be as creative as you want to be.     


Atlanta is unique to me. You got poor black people, but I also saw this: I saw black doctors, lawyers, educators. All you gotta do is want to be it to see it, and once you see something, it can be a reality.     

Killer Mike

Atlanta is the number one place to live. You live better, you eat better, the rides are better, vehicles is better deals. It's better people. More mean people, but at my level you want it to be about business, so it's perfect for me.     

Young Thug

I dare somebody to go to Atlanta and not have a good time.     

Brian Tyree Henry

Any piece of music or album or anything - I don't care what genre - in the States, a piece of it came through Atlanta somehow.     

Metro Boomin

From the outside-in, Atlanta is kind of perceived as like popcorn. People don't respect it as having artists such as myself and EarthGang and other lyrical talents and album-worthy artists.     


Atlanta is an incredibly cool city.     

Andrew Lincoln

Atlanta's my musical home. It really was the place where I really came alive.     

John Mayer

The city of Atlanta has always had a good spirit.     

Ivan Allen Jr.

The beauty about living in Atlanta is that there aren't too many paparazzi here; you can just relax. And that really works for me and my children.