Backpack Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old backpack quotes, backpack sayings, and backpack proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Backpacking has as much to do with what I carry inside as with what goes into the pack. It connects me with woundedness as well as with wonder.     

Belden C. Lane

If you relish the sense of independence and self-reliance that comes from removing yourself, if only briefly; from the welter of non-essentials that is modern life--try backpacking.     

Karen Berger

Backpacking as an activity hasn't changed, of course. Going out into the wilderness to experience nature, whether on a quiet walk in the summer woods, an exciting scramble high in the mountains, a long-distance trail hike, or a journey in the snow and cold of winter, doesn't change because of new fabrics or means of communication.     

Chris Townsend

The term 'backpacker' has over the last decade become synonymous with a travelstyle that emphasises freedom and mobility. Not only does the backpack as a luggage item facilitate these actions far more effectively than, for example, the more traditional suitcase, it has come to assume a symbolic status.     

Irena Ateljevic and Stephen Doorne

Backpacking is hard--that's just the way it is. Obviously conditioning is advantageous, but the perception of disadvantage can be more debilitating than actual disadvantage.     

David Miller

When someone carries a backpack every day to work, on trips, and even on vacations, it becomes a very comfortable part of who they are.     

Tim A. Gardner

The global nomad crosses physical and cultural barriers with apparent ease in the search for difference and differentation and in this way, the backpacker as nomad is placed in opposition to the 'tourist', caught in the iron cage of the modern tourist industry.     

Greg Richards and Julie Wilson

To be accepted as a 'real' traveller, you must lug your rucksack around for at least three months; anything less and you're just a tourist.     

Mary Fitzgerald

While backpacking you are reconciled with yourself, because everything you have is that backpack and what is inside. You are reduced to yourself.     

Jana Binder

That's the difference between backpackers and holiday makers. The former can't help but invite hassle whilst the latter pay to escape it.     

Harry Whitewolf