Beef Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old beef quotes, beef sayings, and beef proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

I don't have beef with anyone, only martians.     

Charlie Murphy

Having beef with someone is unnecessary and avoidable. Whatever the issue, if not positive, it is an opportunity to cut the excess fat from an unhealthy dietary network. Simply excuse yourself from the table of negativity and lean forward in peace.     

T.F. Hodge

Roast beef, medium, is not only a food. It is a philosophy.     

Edna Ferber

A lot of beefs in the music industry are caused from miscommunication and just not really understanding what's going on, having people in your ear saying this is what somebody did, or this is what somebody did to you.     


It's been a lifetime of trying to have less beef. Beef comes very naturally to me. I was born with my dukes up, but that's not always necessary anymore. I have to retrain myself.     

Kelly Reichardt

If a girl have beef with me, she gon' have beef with me forever.     

Cardi B

Beef is the soul of cooking.     

Marie-Antoine Careme

I don't beef with people, because I don't be around people. Nobody can't say nothing about me, because ain't nobody know nothing about me.     

Fetty Wap

But beef is rare within these oxless isles; Goat's flesh there is, no doubt, and kid, and mutton; And, when a holiday upon them smiles, A joint upon their barbarous spits they put on.     

Lord Byron

A hunk of beef raised on Scottish moorland has a very different ecological footprint from one created in an intensive feedlot using concentrated cereal feed, and a wild venison or rabbit casserole is arguably greener than a vegetable curry.     

Tristram Stuart

You're gonna know, if I have beef with somebody, then one of us is just falling out.     

Tory Lanez