Cartel Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old cartel quotes, cartel sayings, and cartel proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

We find two great gangs of political speculators, who alternately take possession of the state power and exploit it by the most corrupt ends -- the nation is powerless against these two great cartels of politicians who are ostensibly its servants, but in reality dominate and plunder it.     

Friedrich Engels

The corporate government is heavily influenced by the utility company cartel.     

Steven Magee

Intellectually and compassionately explaining the reason freedom works is required for credibility.     

Ron Paul

The Christians had a better chance against the lions than the American consumer has against the OPEC cartel     

Ed Markey

The economic miracle that has been the United States was not produced by socialized enterprises, by government-unon-industry cartels or by centralized economic planning. It was produced by private enterprises in a profit-and-loss system. And losses were at least as important in weeding out failures, as profits in fostering successes. Let government succor failures, and we shall be headed for stagnation and decline.     

Milton Friedman

Regrettably, to deactivate an entire cartel also proved to be a difficult task for my father and with all the enemies he had, even more.     

Juan Pablo Escobar

Cartels have spread and will spread as long as the world lacks an effective mechanism by which balanced expansion may be achieved without a resulting disruption of prices.     

Benjamin Graham

We must not tolerate oppressive government or industrial oligarchy in the form of monopolies and cartels.     

Henry A. Wallace

See, if you look at the drug war from a purely economic point of view, the role of the government is to protect the drug cartel. That's literally true.     

Milton Friedman

People really feel that, when they go to the gas pump now, that the oil cartel is holding them by the legs and tipping them upside down and shaking money out of their pockets.     

Ed Markey