Cousins Sayings and Quotes

Cousins are like best friends with a bonus. The highlight of any family gathering, cousins are the only folks besides siblings that understand and embrace the craziness of your family. Enjoy the collection of wise, inspirational, and humorous cousins quotes, sayings and proverbs below.

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the cousins together.     

Woodrow Wilson

Cousins by blood - friends by choice.     

Darlene Shaw

In my cousin, I find a second self.     

Isabel Norton

No matter how you feel about your extended family or family gatherings you will be attending. This is because now the ultimate reason for attending family gatherings is for your children to have the time of their lives with their cousins. Little kids love their cousins. I'm not being cute or exaggerating here. Cousins are like celebrities for little kids. If little kids had a People magazine, cousins would be on the cover. Cousins are the barometers of how fun a family get-together will be. Are the cousins going to be there? Fun!     

Jim Gaffigan

A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.     

Marion C. Garretty

Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends.     


Cousins are people that are ready made friends, you have laughs with them and remember good times from a young age, you have fights with them but you always know you love each other, they are a better thing than brothers and sisters and friends cause there all pieced together as one.     

Courtney Cox

Cousins are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.     

Ed Cunningham

Every man sees in his relatives, and especially in his cousins, a series of grotesque caricatures of himself.     

H. L. Mencken

At Christmas, Cousins are the presents under the tree.     

Karen Decourcey

Cousin to cousin we'll always be, Special friends from the same family tree.     


Cousins by chance, friends by choice.     


I always call my cousin because we're so close. We're almost like sisters, and we're also close because our moms are sisters.     

Britney Spears

Cousins are Cool to see, Impossible to Forget and True to your heart.     

Leo Farno

A near neighbour is better than a distant cousin.     

Italian Proverb

A real cousin (or friend) is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.     


Within our family there was no such thing as a person who did not matter. Second cousins thrice removed mattered.     

Shirley Abbott

Cousins are many. Best friends are few. What a rare delight to find both in you.     


If you're lucky, a cousin is there from the beginning.     

Susan Bolch

Cousins are friends that will love you forever.     

Constance Richards

Cousins are Sisters you never had.     

Reah Glowstorl

Win, lose or draw, you're all my cousins and I love you.     

Chill Wills

Cousins are not those we do not know but instead part of a family that also provide support and comfort.     

Byron Pulsifer

I may argue with my brother, but I fight beside my brother against my cousin, and with my cousin against a stranger.     

Old Arab adage

Friends are forever, cousins are for life!     


Born as a cousin, made as a friend.     

Byron Pulsifer

Nobody will understand the craziness of your family better than your cousins     


A cousin is a ready-made friend for life.     


We are wild and fierce. We do not wait for invitations.     

Shutta Crum

The night before the cousins came, I couldn't sleep.     

Katie Yamasaki

A lot of people would rather tour sewers than visit their cousins.     

Jane Howard

Most people have relatives, but whether you'd want them is another matter--apart from mothers,that is, everyone likes mum.     

Srtephen Arnott

One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.     


Man without relatives is man without trouble.     

Charlie Chan

When our relatives are at at home, we have to think of their good points or it would be impossible to endure them. But when they are away, we console ourselves for their absence by dwelling on their vices.     

George Bernard Shaw

Many relatives make many quarrels.     

Oyekan Owomoyela

Distant relatives are the best kind; the further, the better.     

Kin Hubbard

The rich never have to seek out their relatives.     

Jon R. Stone

Your soul to God, your body to dust, your land to your relatives, 'tis written thus.     

Jon R. Stone

The hatred of relatives is the most violent. The hatred of those closest to us is the most bitter.     

Jon R. Stone

Every individual has a vast network of living cousins, most of them unaware of each other's relationship and existence. The key to understanding this complex relationship lies in determining the distant grandparents we share.     

Lois Horowitz

As in many families, relatives sometimes follow different paths through life. And my sisters and I , never did get to know these eleder cousins, aunts and uncles.     

Lois Horowitz

The more distant the cousin relationship, the more distant the grandparents those cousins share, the distance being in the number of generations and years that separate them.     

Lois Horowitz

Pedigree collapse is caused by cousins marrying cousins-- intentional mating between close cousins and random mating between distant ones who don't even know thet're related.     

Alex Shoumatoff

The American myth of cousin marriage is a case in point. It perpetuates the idea that procreation between first cousins carries an intolerble biological hazard for offspring.     

Martin Ottenheimer

Relatives prohibited from marrying vary from society to society without any conformity to biological distance.     

Martin Ottenheimer

We've had cloning in the south for years. It's called cousins.     

Robin Williams

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life.     

Richard Bach

My cousins are shareholders of my soul..     

Saswat Padhy

Your most expensive advice is the free advice you receive from your financially struggling friends and relatives.      

Robert Kiyosaki

Success is a relative term. It brings so many relatives.     

Stephen Hawking

Never judge someone by their relatives.     

Charles Martin

Every million I gain an enemy or a cousin. And people's feelings have changed ever since I became somethin.