February Sayings and Quotes

February might be the shortest month of the year, but Valentine’s Day ensures this month doesn’t go unnoticed. Below you’ll find a collection of wise and humorous quotes about February.

February is the border between winter and spring.     

Terri Guillemets

The February sunshine steeps your boughs and tints the buds and swells the leaves within.     

William C. Bryant

February, when the days of winter seem endless and no amount of wistful recollecting can bring back any air of summer.     

Shirley Jackson

Late February days; and now, at last, Might you have thought that winter's woe was past; So fair the sky was and so soft the air.     

William Morris

February days are a marketing gimmick; love happens every day.     

Randeep Hooda

There is always in February some one day, at least, when one smells the yet distant, but surely coming, summer.     

Gertrude Jekyll

The bitter winds in February were sometimes called the First East Winds, but the longing for spring somehow made them seem more piercing.     

Eiji Yoshikawa

February is always a bad month for TV sports. Football is gone, basketball is plodding along in the annual midseason doldrums, and baseball is not even mentioned.     

Hunter S. Thompson

February, fill the dyke With what thou dost like.     

Thomas Tusser

In February there is everything to hope for and nothing to regret.     

Patience Strong

While it is February one can taste the full joys of anticipation. Spring stands at the gate with her finger on the latch.     

Patience Strong

February the month of love?!! No wonder the shortest one in the calendar.     

Dinesh Kumar Biran

Along about the beginning of February, when the days of winter seem endless and no amount of wistful recollecting can bring back any air of summer, I caught one of those colds which last for two days in the children and two weeks with me.     

Shirley Jackson

February brings the rain, Thaws the frozen lake again.     

Sara Coleridge

Even though February was the shortest month of the year, sometimes it seemed like the longest.     

J.D. Robb

February is the uncertain month, neither black nor white but all shades between by turns. Nothing is sure.     

Gladys Hasty Carroll

In the coldest February, as in every other month in every other year, the best thing to hold on to in this world is each other.     

Linda Ellerbee