Giraffe Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old giraffe quotes, giraffe sayings, and giraffe proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

A giraffe is so much a lady that one refrains from thinking of her legs, but remembers her as floating over the plains in long garb, draperies of morning mist her mirage.     

Isak Dinesen

Well as giraffes say, you don't get no leaves unless you stick your neck out.     

Sid Waddell

Giraffes are fairytale animals, almost heraldic as if from the land of fables. They have extremely beautiful faces, huge eyes, very sensitive nostrils and oh, blue tongues!     

Joanna Lumley

Evolution is so creative. That's how we got giraffes.     

Kurt Vonnegut

You can't always write a chord ugly enough to say what you want to say, so sometimes you have to rely on a giraffe filled with whipped cream.     

Frank Zappa

It's an incredibly difficult thing to bring a giraffe down. They can kill a lion with a single blow from their feet.     

Joanna Lumley

The best way to show a giraffe your love is to knit a scarf for it.     


Giraffes are completely tranquil they have no predators as adults because there's not an animal in the jungle stupid enough to go for them.     

Joanna Lumley

The man who believes in giraffes would swallow anything.     

Adrian Mitchell

A giraffe has a black tongue twenty-seven inches long and no vocal cords. A giraffe has nothing to say. He just goes on giraffing.     

Robert Fulghum

The giraffe stood tall and proud with its long neck. The giraffe was covered in a beautiful yellow and orange mosaic style pattern. The giraffe stood next to its baby. The baby was short with shaking spindly legs which shook every time it took a step.