Harassment Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old harassment quotes, harassment sayings, and harassment proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Of all the griefs that harass the distrest, Sure the most bitter is a scornful jest.      

Samuel Johnson

Men who are offenders of street harassment and women who experience street harassment can walk by and feel something about it, because it's out there in the environment where the harassment actually happens. So it's a lot more powerful than an oil painting that's stuck in a gallery or under my bed or in my studio where only a couple of eyes are going to see it, as opposed to it being in an environment where it could possibly effect a change.     

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

Harassment is one of puberty's darkest, most unreported rites of passage.     

Rachel Simmons

I think that online harassment has become so ubiquitous on the Internet that a lot of women do feel safer, whatever that means, in spaces where they know like people are not going to bother them in that kind of way.     

Jessica Valenti

But the issue of sexual harassment is not the end of it. There are other issues - political issues, gender issues - that people need to be educated about.     

Anita Hill

Coercion may prevent many transgressions; but it robs even actions which are legal of a part of their beauty. Freedom may lead to many transgressions, but it lends even to vices a less ignoble form.      

Karl Wilhelm von Humboldt

All too often, parents and kids struggle to find an empathetic ear when confronting bullying situation; these escalate and too often result in marginalization, on top of what may well be a daily gauntlet of harassment and abuse that is fundamentally torture.      

Lee Hirsch

There is no kind of harassment that a man may not inflict on a woman with impunity in civilized societies.     

Denis Diderot

It takes a certain kind of bravery and a certain kind of goodness to be able to not just put your destructive past behind you, but to continue to take harassment from society and from police for your past.     

Tom Hayden

Intimidation, harassment and violence have no place in a democracy.     

Mo Ibrahim

It is not poverty so much as pretence, that harasses a ruined man--the struggle between a proud mind and an empty purse.     

Washington Irving

Any action that is dictated by fear or by coercion of any kind ceases to be moral.     

Mohandas Gandhi

All socialism involves slavery. That which fundamentally distinguishes the slave is that he labours under coercion to satisfy anothers desires.     

Herbert Spencer

If you want to control someone, all you have to do is to make them feel afraid.     

Paulo Coelho

In a fascist shift, reporters start to face more and more harassment, and they have to be more and more courageous simply in order to do their jobs.     

Naomi Wolf

Coercion, after all, merely captures man. Freedom captivates him.     

Robert McNamara

Marriage: A legal or religious ceremony by which two persons of the opposite sex solemnly agree to harass and spy on each other for ninety-nine years, or until death do them join.     

Elbert Hubbard

I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.     

Elie Wiesel

Harassment is about power---the undue exercise of power by a superior over a subordinate.     

Michael Crichton

Online harassment, especially gendered online harassment, is an epidemic. Women are being driven out; they're being driven offline. This isn't just in gaming. This is happening across the board online, especially with women who participate in or work in male-dominated industries.      

Anita Sarkeesian

Children should be able to live a life free from bullying and harassment and it is time that we all took a stand against this.     

Katherine Jenkins

The fact that women begin to avoid running for public office because of the harassment and sometimes even violence that they face as a hazard, it means that the world is being robbed of extraordinary leadership that women can bring to bear. And of course, if women as professionals begin to look at making career choices because they're looking at whether Am I going to be safe or not? You can imagine the missed opportunities that are out there for women.     

Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka

When bosses, leaders, and powerful men and women ignore or deny the accounts of harassment victims, they reinforce the idea that harassers are playing the game as they should and that the rest of us should fall in line.     

Pramila Jayapal

A compliment makes someone feel good about themselves. A catcall is harassment.     

Laura Bates

Stalking is an extension of harassment elevated to a level where it is causing disruption or physical threat to the person being harassed.     

Mark Childress

The liberal idea of tolerance is more and more a kind of intolerance. What it means is 'Leave me alone; don't harass me; I'm intolerant towards your over-proximity.     

Slavoj Zizek

We need to get rid of bullying. We need to get rid of abuse. We need to get rid of harassment. We need to get rid of the casting couch. Instead, we need to build the bench.     

Nancy Dubuc

Those children who are beaten will in turn give beatings, those who are intimidated will be intimidating, those who are humiliated will impose humiliation, and those whose souls are murdered will murder.     

Alice Miller

Sexual harassment at work... is it a problem for the self-employed?      

Victoria Wood

Beauty provokes harassment, the law says, but it looks through men's eyes when deciding what provokes it.     

Naomi Wolf