Iconic Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old iconic quotes, iconic sayings, and iconic proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

The word 'iconic' is used too frequently - an icon is a statue carved in wood. It was shocking at first, when I got that reference. It was a responsibility, and it's impossible to live up to - you're supposed to be dead, for one thing.     

Debbie Harry

In order to be an icon, you need to be bold. How do I define boldness? Stepping outside of your comfort zone.     


There is a danger in becoming an icon, as people can see you as remote and untouchable, and they are less willing to tolerate you doing things that don't fit with their preconceived idea of you. Iconic status can be like a pair of handcuffs, especially if, like me, you wish to continually stretch yourself creatively, as Warhol did.     

Giorgio Armani

To be a true icon, you have to have style emanating from you. And you have to have figured it out on your own and have a point of view, a perspective, and be able to translate it in some personal way.     

Chloe Sevigny

Cinderella is not only an iconic character when it comes to beauty, grace and fairytale love, but also shoes.     

Christian Louboutin

Sometimes the idea of being truly iconic has something to do with not necessarily being beautiful and thus trying harder.     

Karl Lagerfeld

Being an icon is overrated, remember an icon can be moved by a mouse.     

William Shatner

But at the end of the day, every star, every person that's been iconic, has gone through a time in their lives where it was just bad. Everybody. It just made them better.     

Dwight Howard

When something is iconic, if you're very careful and delicate, you can add onto that iconography. It can expand. People have attached so much to it themselves, and connected to it, so the risks are big, but the potential is enormous, at the same time.     

Hugh Dancy

Iconic Paris tells us: here are our three-star attractions, go thou and marvel. And so we gaze obediently at what we are told to gaze at, without exactly asking why.     

Julian Barnes

I don't think all buildings have to be iconic, but the history of the world has shown us that cultures build iconic buildings for their major public buildings.     

Frank Gehry

Reality also is that there are a lot of gaps, there are a lot of business in between the iconic things.     

Adam Shankman