Inclusion Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old inclusion quotes, inclusion sayings, and inclusion proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

When you do learn these things, when you understand what inclusion is, then we can accomplish greater things together.      

Aldis Hodge

Peace requires everyone to be in the circle - wholeness, inclusion.     

Isabel Allende

You have to stick up for what you believe in. And that, to me, is the biggest thing you can do about driving inclusion.     

Ginni Rometty

Diversity and inclusion are always something industries should strive for.     

Halima Aden

Exclusion is always dangerous. Inclusion is the only safety if we are to have a peaceful world.     

Pearl S. Buck

We are less when we don't include everyone.     

Stuart Milk

When everyone is included, everyone wins.     

Jesse Jackson

If the cause of poverty is marginalization, the cure is inclusion.     

Richard John Neuhaus

Inclusion and fairness in the workplace is not simply the right thing to do; it's the smart thing to do.     

Alexis Herman

The idea of inclusion has become kind of a stone that we've passed our hand over so many times that it doesn't mean anything.     

George Saunders

You have a responsibility to make inclusion a daily thought, so we can get rid of the word 'inclusion.'     

Theodore Melfi

inclusion is a right not a privilege for a select few.     

Oberti v. Board of Education

Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth.     

Jesse Jackson

The inclusion of consequences in the conception of what we have done is an acknowledgement that we are parts of the world, but the paradoxical character of moral luck which emerges from this acknowledgement shows that we are unable to operate with such a view, for it leaves us with no one to be.     

Thomas Nagel