Junk Food Sayings and Quotes

Junk food may be light on nutrition, but it’s certainly heavy on enjoyment. From the salty crunch of potato chips to the sweetness of our favorite chocolate bars, processed food is a difficult vice to give up. We know we shouldn’t eat these treats regularly, but they’re just so darn tasty. Below you’ll find a curated collection of wise and humorous junk food quotes and sayings.

Nourish the mind like you would your body. The mind cannot survive on junk food.     

Jim Rohn

You can't have a healthy civilization without healthy soil. You can't have junk food and have healthy people.      

Joel Salatin

If we're not willing to settle for junk living, we certainly shouldn't settle for junk food.     

Sally Edwards

In my opinion, there's no condition in life that can't be ameliorated by a dose of junk food.      

Sue Grafton

I believe many of us are overnourished on entertainment junk food and undernourished on the bread of life.      

Dallin H. Oaks

Every living cell in your body is made from the food you eat. If you consistently eat junk food then you'll have a junk body.     

Jeanette Jenkins

Violence is spiritual junk food, and boredom is spiritual anorexia.      

Peter Kreeft

Social media can easily become the equivalent of junk food for our soul     

Ken Shigematsu

A society that thinks the choice between ways of living is just a choice between equally eligible 'lifestyles' turns universities into academic cafeterias offering junk food for the mind.      

George Will

Junk food, empty calories and carbs are the big data of the masses.     

Karl Marx

Having a healthy mind is as important as healthy body. And stress is like junk food to body.     

Dr. Sukhraj Dhillon

If you want to become physically stronger, you'll need healthy habits - like going to the gym. You'll also have to give up unhealthy habits - like eating junk food. Building mental strength requires healthy habits - like practicing gratitude - while also giving up unhealthy behavior, like giving up after the first failure.      

Amy Morin

There is no such thing as junk food, but there are junk diets.     

Elizabeth Whelan

In the constant pursuit of perfection, junk food will always be a rather painful stumbling block.     

C.S. Woolley

We eat junk because it's cheap and it lights up the pleasure centers of our brain.     

Linda Tirado

Junk food is television for tongues.     

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Some parents sometimes use junk food as a babysitter.     

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Junk food isn't cheap; we pay a steep price for it years after consuming it.     

Joel Fuhrman

Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and the junk food as far away as possble.     

Krista Scott-Dixon

If you put junk food in your body, your body will turn to junk.     

Goldie Hawn

Eat less, move more, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, go easy on junk foods.     

Marion Nestle

Junk food life every day of the season. I eat so much I'm 40 percent junk food.     

Hoodie Cat

Junk food forever. Late nights together.     

The Amazons

You know that junk food gets me in the mood.     

The Donnas

Junk food are the only contributors to overweight and obesity - clearly a sedentary lifestyle.     

Andrew F. Smith

The term "junk food" was first used in the 1960s.     

Andrew F. Smith