Lean Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old lean quotes, lean sayings, and lean proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Nothing else so destroys the power to stand alone as the habit of leaning upon others. If you lean, you will never be strong or original. Stand alone or bury your ambition to be somebody in the world.     

Orison Swett Marden

Some lean back. But those who lean forward are poised to cross the finish-line, first!     

T.F. Hodge

The weaker we feel, the harder we lean. And the harder we lean, the stronger we grow spiritually, even while our bodies waste away.     

J. I. Packer

Everyone has sorrow. Everyone has obligations. Everyone keeps going. You lean on the people who love you. You do the best you can, and you keep going.     

Jennifer Weiner

Lean on principles, one day they'll end up giving way.     

Oscar Wilde

Lean forward into your life…catch the best bits and the finest wind. Just tip your feathers in flight a wee bit and see how dramatically that small lean can change your life.     

Mary Anne Radmacher

People who lean on logic and philosophy and rational exposition end by starving the best part of the mind.     

William Butler Yeats

A lean sorrow is hardest to bear.     

Sarah Orne Jewett

Believe in fate, but lean forward where fate can see you.     

Quentin Crisp

You gotta lean towards the things that make you like yourself. Forget everything else.     

Matt Berninger

A mom isn't an individual to lean on, but a person to generate leaning needless.     

Dorothy Canfield Fisher

In truth, the more we lean into life, the more we authentically interact with the world, the brighter our flame.      

Mark Nepo

God is a good choice to lean on. He has a proven record of faithfulness to those who commit their lives to Him.     

Joyce Meyer

Everything now will prepare you for the next step. Don't run from adversity; lean into it with all your heart and God will make you a leader worth following.     

Andy Stanley

As more women lean in to their careers, more men need to lean in to their families. We need to encourage men to be more ambitious in their homes.     

Sheryl Sandberg

We must learn to lean upon ourselves; we must learn to plan and execute business enterprises of our own; we must learn to venture our pennies if we would gain dollars.     

Timothy Thomas Fortune

If we lean into what we love instead of soldiering toward what we 'should,' our pace quickens, our energy rises, optimism sets in. What we love is nutritious for us.     

Julia Cameron

Lean forward into your life. Begin each day as if it were on purpose.     

Mary Anne Radmacher

If something's working, you lean into it. You don't fight it.     

Billy Lawrence

A tree falls the way it leans. Be careful the way you lean.     

Danny DeVito

You have to lean into the turn. On every creative aspect, you have to lean into what's working.     

Billy Lawrence

It's still a lean back, enjoy or a lean forward, be involved, enjoy medium. It's real engagement, real emotion.     

Christopher Locke

Women always need other women to lean on. They become friends in order to hate each other better. The more they hate each other, the more inseparable they become.     

Herta Muller

Be passionate about something and lean to that strength.     

Michelle Obama