Lifeguard Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old lifeguard quotes, lifeguard sayings, and lifeguard proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Let me put it this way, if you were drowning, you wouldn't really be in a place to lend a hand as far as being rescued. You'd be at the mercy of the lifeguard. Once pulled out, you may be a little out of it, not sure where you are, but safe nonetheless.     

Bart Millard

It is a gift to be a teenager, and I see a dad's job as lifeguard, not chaperone.     

Jonathan Franklin

This thing with the lifeguard... things happen. Keep moving or die.     

Liz W. Garcia

Look, if you don't want to hire Kelly as a lifeguard just because she's a woman, that's discrimination.     

Sam Bobrick

If only I had known that being a lifeguard meant guarding their lives, I would never have said yes.     

Stephen Hillenburg

The difference between being a lifeguard and a private eye is that a lifeguard has to spot trouble and respond. Private eye gets hired by someone who's already in trouble. Either way, a stranger's life is suddenly in your hands.     

David Hasselhoff

Lifeguards are sick! It is unnatural to spend all your time standing on sand, unless you are an A-rab, or a cat.     

Jim Mulholland

I'm a lifeguard, I work at a pool with three other guys. We didn't give ourselves a name.     

Stuart Murdoch

Sand, water, muscles, gleaming... things. It all spells the beach. And yet, the beach can be a dangerous place. That's why we have people we call lifeguards.      

Mark Leveson

And throughout the ages, lifeguards have been sung about in song, and in song, because that's the only way you CAN...     

Mark Leveson

Twenty years as a lifeguard teaches you to recognize people in trouble. I knew the second I saw her she was drowning, even though she wasn't even in the water.     

David Hasselhoff

There are many differences between being a lifeguard and being a PI. Lifeguards run on sand. PIs run on everything.      

David Hasselhoff

Most of the big, strong boys are lifeguards as a sideline.     

Paul Gerard Smith

Patrolling the length and the breadth of your pool / I call your name from the vestibule / Lifeguard     

Stephen Brian Street

Lifeguard, save me from life / Save me from life / Save me from the ails and the ills, and / from other things.     

Stephen Brian Street

Guess I'll swim way out into the sea / And then I'll meet him when he rescues me / (Please don't talk to the lifeguard please don't talk to the lifeguard) / Dark and handsome...     

George Goehring

Swimming in the sea and I think I'll / You guessed it / Only lifeguards / Only lifeguards / Packing all the time /Can save me / Waiting X3 / For the son of man     

Brian Milko

Take me out so deep when you know you can't swim / Need a lifeguard and I need protection / To put it on me deep in the right direction     

Fred Jerkins III

Lifeguard jobs typically involve watching swimmers and helping to ensure their safety while in the water, as well as enforcing rules, regulations, and local laws.     

Jason R. Rich

Many lifeguard jobs are seasonal and are held by students.     

Jason R. Rich

Lifeguards who are posted at the lakes and ocean beaches must be on the watch for strong currents, changing weather conditions, and dangerous animals, such as jellyfish and sharks.     

Facts On File

Lifeguards not only need to be strong swimmers, but they must be levelheaded, calm, and ready to react in emergency situations.     

Facts On File

Many lifeguards also work as swimming instructors.     

Facts On File

Lifeguard have a tremendous amount of responsibility when on duty.     

Facts On File

Lifeguards also work as teachers, ensuring that people adhere to safe bathing areas and other rules.     

Susan Hodgson

Some people become lifeguards for the wrong reason. They want to sit in the sun all day and work on their tans--or nap in style at an indoor facility. In reality, life guarding is far from relaxing.     

Ryan Jacobson

A good lifeguard needs to be alert, observant, and able to react quickly in an emergency.     

Ryan Jacobson

To be a lifeguard, you need to be a strong swimmer with a knack for staying focused,     

Ryan Jacobson

As a lifeguard, your mission is to keep swimmers safe, mainly by helping them avoid dangerous situations.     

Ryan Jacobson

Lifeguards at beaches and swimming pools are needed only during summer.     

T Hartzenberg