Mumbai Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old mumbai quotes, mumbai sayings, and mumbai proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Mumbai is the sweet, sweaty smell of hope, which is the opposite of hate; and it's the sour, stifled smell of greed, which is the opposite of love. It's the smell of Gods, demons, empires, and civilizations in resurrection and decay.     

Gregory David Roberts

Mumbai is a city of stark contrasts - providing opportunities to millionaires to pursue their riches and millions of poor to pursue livelihood. For many, Mumbai is a city where their dreams begin; for many others, it marks and end of a dream.     

Duvvuri Subbaro

Mumbai's infectious. Once you start living in Mumbai, working in Mumbai, I don't think you can live anywhere else.     

Yash Chopra

Mumbai is a spider web. You do a film and make 10 connections and do something else and make 10 more connections. You keep moving like that.     

Swara Bhaskar

God has it in for the poets, that's obvious, but the Bombaywallahs hold a special place in his dispensation.     

Jeet Thayil

Mumbai is not a city, it's a way of life...     

Subhasis Das

Mumbai hides all its blemishes in the night.     

Alok Karkera

Mumbai is like Manhattan. Theres a certain pace, a social life and the thrill of a professional life.     

Madhuri Dixit

Life is tough in Mumbai when you are alone.     

Kartik Aaryan

We lived in Bombay and we lived in Mumbai and sometimes, I lived in both of them at the same time.     

Suketu Mehta

She had now seen past the obvious truth--that Mumbai was a hive of hope and ambition--to a profitable corollary. Mumbai was a place of festering grievance and ambient envy.     

Katherine Boo