Nepotism Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old nepotism quotes, nepotism sayings, and nepotism proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

A little nepotism never hurt nobody, honey. If you got it, use it. Press on with it. Remind them of it.     

Lena Horne

Nepotism is the bedrock of social existence.     

Adam Bellow

I don't believe in nepotism. I don't much like the idea of parents who interfere.     

Anthony Hopkins

I made nepotism an art form, so I get to work with a lot of relatives and they're part of it.     

Garry Marshall

This country has moved away from the politics of caste, nepotism, and appeasement.     

Amit Shah

At the end of the day, nepotism has been there. It's always going to be there. Don't expect it to change.     

Amyra Dastur

I think the debate around nepotism is futile because I am an outsider and I know that there is no compensation of talent.     


I've always been, with acting, very hesitant to get myself into situations where I would be accused of nepotism.     

Bryce Dallas Howard

Despotism favors the despot, nepotism favors the despot's genes.     

Danielle Tremblay

I stand by it. I take the criticism for it. I think it's unfair, but yes, there is a thing about nepotism, and we all try to respect it.     

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

When in doubt, you bring in relatives. Nepotism is a part of my work.     

Garry Marshall

A doctor's son can become a doctor, and no one screams nepotism. I don't understand why, in this industry, people keep saying 'nepotism, nepotism.'     

Soni Razdan

Nepotism is the lowest and least imaginative form of corruption.     

Daniel Alarcón

Nepotism can get you very far in the world if you’ve got the right connections.     

Lauren Kunze

No one remembers how you got a chance, they only remember what you did with it.     

Stewart Stafford

With a blade at your throat, a well-connected uncle or a wealthy mother could not save you. Only you could save yourself.     

Natalia Marx

Institutional nepotism might be tolerated in prosperous times. Setbacks can become crises, however, when there is incompetence in key positions at crucial moments.     

Stewart Stafford

Ours is the God who only got the job because his brother runs several successful universes.     

T.J. Kirk

Like the good ape he is, man is a social animal, characterized by cronyism, nepotism, corruption and gossip.     

Carlos Ruiz Zafón

One would be lying if they say nepotism doesn't exist.     

Huma Qureshi

I can tolerate anything but corruption and nepotism.     

Naveen Patnaik

Acting is a fair business. If you are not going to bring in the audience, no nepotism will work.     

Soni Razdan

Nepotism sometimes can be a lose-lose situation.     

Vikram Chatwal

The word nepotism comes, in fact, from nipote, Italian for nephew.     

Ross King

Political donations are a form of nepotism.     

Steven Magee

Nepotism made it extremely difficult to function as a manager in certain high altitude observatories.     

Steven Magee

At the root of every form of ungodliness, injustice, nepotism, selfishness, every rivalry and competitive jealousy, is the monster called greed.     

Sunday Adelaja