Never Say Never Sayings and Quotes

It’s easy to write something off or express that we would never act a certain way, especially when judging others. However, anything is possible when your circumstances can change in an instant. Be surprised what you are capable of with the collection of wise and insightful quotes that express why you should never say never.

Never say never, dear. You might be surprised at what you can do, should circumstances dictate.     

Ellen Hopkins

Never say never - in fashion and life.     

Ashley Olsen

Never Say Never if you know you can do what you love don't give up.     

Justin Bieber

Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.     

Michael Jordan

Never say never. In your life you never know what's going to happen next.     

Gwen Stefani

Never say never. The things that you don't plan are the best. I'm a very spontaneous person.     

Lindsay Lohan

Never say never, for if you live long enough, chances are you will not be able to abide by the simplest of such injunctions.     

Gloria Swanson

Never say never Never is a long, undependable time, and life is too full of rich possibilities to have restrictions placed upon it.     

Gloria Swanson

It just goes to show, never say never, or the next thing you know, you’ll be doing what you said you never would, owning a dog you swore you didn’t want and walking (or carrying) a tiny, totally enchanting little dog on a rhinestone-studded pink leash.     

Danielle Steel

Never say never or it becomes a vice, and there you have it, you just did it twice.     

Ana Claudia Antunes

I'm old enough to never say never. I never had a grand plan with what I was going to do. There are some movies that I would like to be involved with, but I'm trying to be a working actor.     

Dennis Farina

One should never say never.     

Mathias Dopfner