Rescue Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old rescue quotes, rescue sayings, and rescue proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

We're our own dragons as well as our own heroes, and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves.      

Tom Robbins

The word 'salvation' denotes rescue. Rescue? What from? Well, of course, ultimately death. And since it is sin that colludes with the forces of evil and decay, sin leads to death. So we are rescued from sin and death.     

N.T. Wright

There is no rescue team that awaits for you when ever you fall, you must team up with all you have inside of you so that you can rescue your self from the predicament     

Tare Munzara

I was not rescued by a prince; I was the administrator of my own rescue.     

Elizabeth Gilbert

Reaching out to rescue one another under ANY condition is an eternal measure of love.     

Ronald A. Rasband

God is on the move to rescue people from misery to everlasting happiness, which can only be found in him.     

John Piper

Rescue someone unwilling to look after himself, and he will cling to you like a dangerous illness.     

Mason Cooley

People rescue each other. They build shelters and community kitchens and ways to deal with lost children and eventually rebuild one way or another.     

Rebecca Solnit

I need to be rescued from the thought that I don’t need to be rescued.     

Craig D. Lounsbrough

Today I will not wait for someone to come to my aid. I'm not helpless. Although help may come, I'm my own rescuer. My relationships will dramatically improve when I stop rescuing others and stop expecting others to rescue me.      

Melody Beattie

Love is its own rescue; for we, at our supremest, are but its trembling emblems     

Emily Dickinson

The faster you can signal for rescue, the faster you get out of that situation     

Joe Teti

It's difficult to be the victim and not the provider. We're usually the one coming to the rescue of others and not the one being rescued.     


God uses rescued people to rescue people.     

Christine Caine

We cannot free ourselves from pride and selfish ambition; a divine rescue is absolutely necessary     

CJ Mahaney

Those who've been rescued from sin are best able to help in the rescue of others     

Mrvin Williams

Love has the power to rescue us and not let go, otherwise it isn't love     

Garrison Keillor

Danger invites rescue... The wrongdoer may not have foreseen the coming of a deliverer. He is accountable as if he had     

Benjamin Cordozo