Retaliation Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old retaliation quotes, retaliation sayings, and retaliation proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Revenge is the easiest of emotions to understand and to manipulate.     

David Anthony Durham

Revenge is a kind of wild justice, which the more man's nature runs to the more ought law to weed it out.     

Francis Bacon

Revenge and retaliation always pertuate the cycle of anger, fear and violence.     

Coretta Scott King

Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice. Injuries are revenged; crimes are avenged.     

Samuel Johnson

Retaliation is as just as night and down.     

Lone Wolf

Revenge is a sorrow for the person who has to take it on. And the person who is rash enough to think it's going to help a situation is always wrong.     

Louise Erdrich

Retaliation by rebellion is hurtful to the intended target, but sadly it creates a heated desert that demands for the now rebel to reach out his arms of pride for help, a few succumb the courage to do it, many die because their arms are heavy.     

Fort Free

Revenge is the infliction of pain, in consequence of the neglect or violation of duty.     

Elhanan Winchester

Our capacity to retaliate must be, and is, massive in order to deter all forms of aggression.     

John Foster Dulles

Revenge is a particularly interesting concept, especially the notion of whether or not it exists outside of just an abstract idea.     

Christopher Nolan

Retaliation is related to nature and instinct, not to law. Law, by definition, cannot obey the same rules as nature.     

Albert Camus

He who wrongs someone has to expect something in retaliation.     


Revenge is like politics, one thing always leads to another until bad has become worse, and worse has become worst.     

Jonas Jonasson

Revenge can only be found on the road to self-destruction.     

Wayne Gerard Trotman

Revenge has no more quenching effect on emotions than salt water has on thirst.     

Walter Weckler

The will to survive is not as important as the will to prevail the answer to criminal aggression is retaliation.     

Jeff Cooper

Revenge is backward looking, whereas rationality is forward looking so the two fail to engage.     

Alan Hamlin

Without forgiveness life is governed by an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation.     

Roberto Assagioli

Revenge is the act of passion, vengeance is an act of justice.     

Samuel Johnson

Revenge is an infection of the spirit.     

Jonathan Maberry

The best revenge is to live on and prove yourself.     

Eddie Vedder

The best revenge is massive success.     

Frank Sinatra

Revenge is always the weak pleasure of a little and narrow mind.     


Revenge is a confession of pain.