Ring Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old ring quotes, ring sayings, and ring proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

I shall never relinquish my sword for a ring. The right man wouldn't ask me to.     

Seth Grahame-Smith

The longer a wedding ring is worn, the harder it is to remove.     

Evan Esar

When a young man gives his girl a ring, he gives it with all his heart and most of his savings.     

Evan Esar

Opportunity knocks for every man, but a woman gets a ring.     

Evan Esar

During courtship a girl is unpredictable until she gets an engagement ring - then she shows her hand.     

Evan Esar

The bright sparkle of a diamond ring often renders a woman stone-blind to the defects of the man who gives it.     

Evan Esar

A wedding ring may not be as tight as a tourniquet, but it stops the wearer's circulation.     

Evan Esar

Some girls get rings with large diamonds, others get rings that look as if they were all paid for.     

Evan Esar

A ring on the finger is worth two on the phone.     

Evan Esar

An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that usually turns a right-handed girl into a left handed one.     

Evan Esar

To the bachelor, a wedding ring symbolizes a vicious cycle.     

Evan Esar

A girl uses soft soap to get a ring off her finger - and also to get one on.     

Evan Esar

Marriage rings are not of this stuff.     

John Donne

Wait for the ring; it is strong, It has a magic of might.      

Edith Nesbit

Ring out your bells, let mourning shows be spread;     

Sir Philip Sidney

A ring upon her finger, walks the bride, with the bridegroom tall and handsome at her side.      

Christina Georgina Rossetti

Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky.     

Alfred Lord Tennyson

But he brake a golden ring with me, the pledge of his faith to be.     

John Bannister Tabb

This ring for me is far most dear of all this isle within it knows     

Friedrich Schiller

I've found great lord thy ring of gold, thy fortune truly knows no bounds.     

Friedrich Schiller

The ring so worn as you behold , so thin so pale is yet of gold.     

George Crabbe

For careless joys, yet it's I who wear the ring.     

Christina Georgina Rossetti

I bring to thee this ring, made for thy finger fit.     

Robert Herrick

I depose your finger of that ring, and crowne mine with that a while.     

Richard Lovelace

And here is the ring she gave me with love's sweet promise then.     

Eugene Field

The sexiest thing in the world is to be totally naked with your wedding band on.     

Debra Winger

Rings and jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts. The only true gift is a portion of thyself.     

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love may be a ring that has no end, but the logic is far from circular.     

Amanda Mosher

A ring is a halo on your finger.     

Douglas Coupland

No couple buying wedding rings wants to be reminded that someday one of them will have to accept the other one's ring from a nurse or an undertaker.     

Anne Tyler