Ritual Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old ritual quotes, ritual sayings, and ritual proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Exercise, prayer, and meditation are examples of calming rituals. They have been shown to induce a happier mood and provide a positive pathway through life's daily frustrations.      

Chuck Norris

In every ancient culture, there are rituals to mortify the body as a way of understanding that the energy of the soul is indestructible.      

Marina Abramovic

The key to forming good habits is to make them part of your 'rituals.' I have a morning ritual, afternoon ritual, and Sunday ritual. It's one way to bundle good habits into regular times that you set aside to prepare yourself for the life you want. Rituals help you form habits.     

Lewis Howes

I learned a few years ago that balance is the key to a happy and successful life, and a huge part of achieving that balance is to instill rituals into your everyday life - a nutritious balanced diet, daily exercise, time for yourself through meditation, reading, journaling, yoga, daily reflection, and setting goals.      

Gretchen Bleiler

Ritual is able to hold the long-discarded shards of our stories and make them whole again. It has the strength and elasticity to contain what we cannot contain on our own, what we cannot face in solitude.     

Francis Weller

Ritual is the passage way of the soul into the Infinite.     

Algernon Blackwood

Ritual and ceremony in their due times kept the world under the sky and the stars in their courses. It was astonishing what ritual and ceremony could do.     

Terry Prachett

We not only nurture our sacred relationships through ritual, but we are nurtured by them as well. In ritual, we move, and we are moved.     

Alison Leigh Lilly

Ritual affirms the common patterns, the values, the shared joys, risks, sorrows, and changes that bind a community together. Ritual links together our ancestors and descendants, those who went before with those will come after us.     


Any ritual is an opportunity for transformation. To do a ritual, you must be willing to be transformed in some way.The inner willingness is what makes the ritual come alive and have power.If you aren't willing to be changed by the ritual, don't do it.     


I'm in awe of the universe, but I don't necessarily believe there's an intelligence or agent behind it. I do have a passion for the visual in religious rituals, though, even though they may be completely empty and bereft of substance. The incense is powerful and provocative, whether Buddhist or Catholic.      

David Bowie

God doesn't want us to have rigid rituals with Him. In the new covenant, He is more interested in having a relationship with us.      

Joseph Prince

The only way we'll know where we're going is to look at the past and to remember who we were through ceremonies and rituals.      

Laura Esquivel

There is a comfort in rituals, and rituals provide a framework for stability when you are trying to find answers.      

Deborah Norville

Rituals, anthropologists will tell us, are about transformation. The rituals we use for marriage, baptism or inaugurating a president are as elaborate as they are because we associate the ritual with a major life passage, the crossing of a critical threshold, or in other words, with transformation. words, with transformation.      

Abraham Verghese

The purpose of ritual is to wake up the old mind in us, to put it to work. The old ones inside us, the collective unconscious, the many lives, the different eternal parts, the senses and parts of the brain that have been ignored. Those parts do not speak English. They do not care about television. But they do understand candlelight and colours. They do understand nature.     

Z. Budapest

Dance is one of the most powerful forms of magical ritual... It is an outer expression of the inner spirit.     

Ted Andrews

Ritual may be vital to reaction, but it is also the life blood of revolution.     

David I. Kertzer

This is the prevalence of ritual. To remember something that cannot be forgotten.     

Chris Abani

There's nothing more interesting than the rituals that are cobbled together over centuries to create justification for authority, rank, all the other things that we do.     

Bob Berky

Rituals are not fixed--they are constructed and reconstructed over time, to fit people's needs.     

Gleb Tsipurshy

When we light a candle in our ritual space, we ignite a flame within ourselves. When we pour water or burn incense as offerings, we offer ourselves as well, to soak into the earth or rise in gentle wisps of smoke towards the sky.     

Alison Leigh Lilly

Stories and rituals are used in different cultures to help individuals and communities heal from trauma. I am fascinated with how our personal, familial, and community stories shape who we are. The awareness of these stories allows us to be shapers of our own lives and identities.     

Oscar Perez

Ritual is about building connections between community members, between individuals and spirits, between humans and deity.      

Melissa Hill

Ritual is to spiritual greatness what practice is to a tennis player, daily writing disciplines are to a novelist, and reading company accounts are to Warren Buffett. They are the precondition of high achievement.     

Jonathan Saacks

Ritual is, therefore, a primary site of contact between self and society, a place where our individual selves are transformed into collective selves.     

Mark Pedelty

The function of ritual, as I understand it, is to give form to human life, not in the way of a mere surface arrangement, but in depth.     

Joseph Campbell

Ritual consists of the external practices of spirituality that help us become more receptive and aware of the closeness of our lives to the sacred. Ritual is the act of sanctifying action - even ordinary action - so that it has meaning. I can light a candle because I need the light or because the candle represents the light I need.     

Christina Baldwin

A ritual is the enactment of a myth. And, by participating in the ritual, you are participating in the myth. And since myth is a projection of the depth wisdom of the psyche, by participating in a ritual, participating in the myth, you are being, as it were, put in accord with that wisdom, which is the wisdom that is inherent within you anyhow. Your consciousness is being re-minded of the wisdom of your own life.     

Joseph Campbell

'Rituals' don't make you righteous, it's uprightness: living up to moral principles and ethical principles, and submitting to universal law established by God.     

Louis Farrakhan