Taking Chances Sayings and Quotes

No one ever achieved anything great by playing it safe. Sometimes you have to take risks in order to grow. Take a leap of faith with the collection of wise and insightful taking chances quotes below.

So I open myself to the thought / And the hope and the real and the fact it could end / But I'm taking the chance / Cause I know if we don't then we might never find this again.     

Kent Blazy

Here am I, I'm taking a chance / I'm walking on air, flying so high / Here am I, I'm facing the truth / There's no other way I'll ever make you mine.     

Leo Sayer

Looking at you, holding my breath / For once in my life I'm scared to death / I'm taking a chance, letting you inside.     

Kidz Bop Kids

I couldn't be so lucky this next time as to find me a love so true / I guess I'll keep on taking chances making love right out of the blue.     


And though my answers are still undefined / By taking chances, I can start to find some reasons / Something to believe that I can make it through / I can make it through.     

Carole Bayer Sager

We tried and we suffered and finally recovered / And found a new way to live / We're two side by side with impossible dreams / Taking a chance to let love in.     

Pierre Marchand

When you stop taking chances / You'll stay where you sit / You won't live any longer / You won't live any longer.     

Ruediger Dittmann

Cause we're not a sure thing / Too soon to tell if we're the real thing / But this time it's worth taking a chance / On you and me.     


What if we are taking chances just to loose it all?     

Nathan John Ferraro

We are never too afraid of taking chances / Searching in the dark with no concerns / But it's always the same with all romances / It's the heart that never seems to learn.     

Lawrence Dermer

There must be something wrong with me / I won't stop taking chances / It's nothing to do with apathy / I can't take no for an answer.     

Gilbert Norton

You'll never enjoy your life / Living inside the box / You're so afraid of taking chances, / How you gonna reach the top?     

Greyson Chance

Turn around / And see the circles we spin / Taking our chances on where we begin.      

Les Holroyd

How's chances to end all your romances / And start taking your chances with me.     

Irving Berlin

I'm taking a chance on the wind / I'm packing all my bags / Taking a mistake I gotta make / Then I'm glory bound.     


And now you're taking these chances, / These chances on me, / I hope they're not wasted, / Wasted when you see.     

Robert Matthews

I'm taking chances left and right / Who wants to know but I'm trying fight it / Can't escape these thoughts sometimes.     

Wyatt Louis