Triathlon Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old triathlon quotes, triathlon sayings, and triathlon proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

If you set a goal for yourself and are able to achieve it, you have won your race. Your goal can be to come in first, to improve your performance, or just finish the race it's up to you.     

Dave Scott

Swim like your gonna drown, Ride like you stole it and Run like they are chasing you.      


You need to save some mental, physical, and emotional resources for enhancing your product after you ship. A revolution is a triathlon, not a hundred-yard dash-it requires long distance stamina and multiple skills such as creating, churning, and evangelizing.     

Guy Kawasaki

When the going gets tough, the tough tri harder.     


In triathlon you don't get to race that much so when you're on the start line you just need to make sure you focus on the job in hand and enjoy yourself.     

Alistair Brownlee

As your training moves from base training to more intense work, to tapering, your nutrition needs to change.     

Charlotte Campbell

Almost drowned, crashed the bike, puked on the run. When's the next Tri?     


Triathlon doesn't build character. It reveals it.     


Not everybody is going to run a marathon or do a triathlon. It's not necessary to do that to be in good health.     

Michelle Obama

You don't play triathlon. You play soccer; it's fun. You play baseball. Triathlon is work that can leave you crumpled in a heap, puking by the roadside. It's the physical brutality of climbing Mount Everest without the great view from the top of the world. What kind of person keeps coming back for more of that?     

Chris McCormack

You can keep going and your legs might hurt for a week or you can quit and your mind will hurt for a lifetime.      

Mark Allen

Quitters don't tri. Triathletes don't quit.     


If God invented marathons to keep people from doing anything more stupid, triathlon must have taken Him completely by surprise.     

P. Z. Pearce

It's always the athlete's responsibility to keep everything in check. We have to listen to our bodies sometimes the hardest part is to back off and rest.     

Julie Dibens

It's rude to count people as you pass them. Out loud     


Triathlon - It's not about finding your limits. It's about finding out what lies just beyond them.     


You can quit if you want, and no one will care. But you will know the rest of your life.     

John Collins