Unforgettable Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old unforgettable quotes, unforgettable sayings, and unforgettable proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

The unimaginable always becomes the unforgettable.     

Geoffrey Beene

When the past is forgotten, the present is unforgettable.     

Martin Amis

Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming!     

Joseph B. Wirthlin

Poetry is the power of defining the indefinable in terms of the unforgettable.     

Louis Untermeyer

Let excellence be your brand... When you are excellent, you become unforgettable.     

Oprah Winfrey

Being different and thinking different makes a person unforgettable. History does not remember the forgettable. It honors the unique minority the majority cannot forget.     

Suzy Kassem

Only powerfully conceived images have the ability to penetrate the memory, to stay there, in short to become unforgettable.     


Parties are supposed to be unforgettable. No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.     

Ryan Brü

It's one of those unforgettable moments that happen as a child, when you discover that all along the world has been betraying you.     

Nicole Krauss

Unspoken feelings are unforgettable.     

Andrei Tarkovsky

We've got to make the small things unforgettable.     

Steve Jobs

Two things make the women unforgettable, their tears and their perfume.     

Sacha Guitry

For me the criterion of a good photograph is that it is unforgettable.     


All photographs aspire to the condition of being memorable - that is, unforgettable.     

Susan Sontag

Greatness is a journey that begins with the impossible and turns in to the unforgettable.     

Miguel Torres

You care, you dare and you share; this is the unforgettable rule of every true believer and achiever.     

Israelmore Ayivor

This is how memories are; what seems so clear and unforgettable at one moment vanishes like steam the next.     

Michelle Moran

We have lived through some unforgettable times together, some good, some bad, achieving results that will be hard to equal.     

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

The value of things is not the time they last, but the intensity with which they occur. That is why there are unforgettable moments and unique people!     

Fernando Pessoa

Technology should be used to create unforgettable experiences that enhance our natural and built environments, transforming them in newly meaningful ways.     

David Rockwell