Vip Sayings and Quotes

Being a VIP or very important person comes with plenty of perks. Whether it’s a private section at a venue, free gifts, and being treated like royalty, it’s hard not to crave the lifestyle that comes with being a public figure or celebrity. Go behind the velvet rope with this collection of insightful and humorous VIP quotes.

You go to all these parties and meet all these crazy people. But ultimately, it just ends up with you in a club, and then you're in the VIP area of the club, and then you're in the special secret VIP bit, and then eventually, it's just you, on your own, in a VIP box, going, 'Is this fun? I'm not sure this is fun.'     

Noel Fielding

In a supposedly free and equal country, there is no excuse for our rulers having VIP treatment. On the contrary, there is every reason for them to get what we get, hot and strong.     

Peter Hitchens

A VIP area is nothing without not-so-important people.     

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

There is no VIP. We're all the same.     

Machine Gun Kelly

Our definition of VIP is not as big as in Macau. But for us, they are VIPs even if they don't spend a lot because we are very hospitable here.     

Andrew Tan

Wow. I've never been a VIP before. I've never even been a IP.     

Sophie Kinsella

My career should adapt to me. Fame is like a VIP pass wherever you want to go.     

Leonardo DiCaprio

Music is a uniter, so anything that has to do with VIP and ropes and barriers is not my way. Sometimes I have to deal with it, and sometimes I'm put behind those barriers, but I do all I can to bring it down.     

Eugene Hutz

I don't want to be a VIP. I want to be an LIP, a Less Important Person.     

Mamata Banerjee

Act like a VIP and become a VIP.     

Bill Walsh