Water Sayings and Quotes

Without water, nothing is possible. It is the supplier of life, a cleanser. It can be both beautiful and dangerous. Below you’ll find a collection of wise and insightful quotes about water.

Water, the Hub of Life. Water is its mater and matrix, mother and medium. Water is the most extraordinary substance! Practically all its properties are anomalous, which enabled life to use it as building material for its machinery. Life is water dancing to the tune of solids.     

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Water, thou hast no taste, no color, no odor; canst not be defined, art relished while ever mysterious. Not necessary to life, but rather life itself, thou fillest us with a gratification that exceeds the delight of the senses.     

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.     


Everywhere water is a thing of beauty, gleaming in the dewdrops; singing in the summer rain; shining in the ice-gems till the leaves all seem to turn to living jewels; spreading a golden veil over the setting sun; or a white gauze around the midnight moon     

John Ballantine Gough

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.     

Loran Eisely

Water is a common heritage, the value of which must be recognized by all. Everyone has the duty to use water carefully and economically.     

European Water Charter

We must treat water as if it were the most precious thing in the world, the most valuable natural resource. Be economical with water! Don't waste it! We still have time to do something about this problem before it is too late.     

Mikhail Gorbachev

All water has a perfect memory and is trying to get back to where it was.     

Toni Morriaon

Don't you realize that the sea is the home of water? All water is off on a journey unless it's in the sea, and it's homesick, and bound to make its way home someday.     

Zora Neale Hurston

When the well's dry, we know the worth of water.     

Benjamin Franklin

Still waters run deep. Shallow waters run dry frequently.     

Thomas County Cat

Water is the mother of the vine, the nurse and fountain of fecundity, the adorner and refresher of the world.      

Charles Mackay

All the waters run to the sea and yet the sea is not full, and from the place where they began, thither they return again.     


In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans.     

Khalil Gibran

You can't trust water: Even a straight stick turns crooked in it.     

W. C. Fields

Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.      

W. H. Auden

Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues.     

Kevin R. Stone

Water is life's mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.     

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Water is the only drink for a wise man.     

Henry David Thoreau

A little water is a sea to an ant.     

Afghan Proverb

When you drink the water, remember the spring.     

Chinese Proverb

Clean water, the essence of life and a birthright for everyone, must become available to all people now.     

Jean-Michel Cousteau

Water links us to our neighbor in a way more profound and complex than any other.     

John Thorson

The deeper the waters are, the more still they run.     

Korean Proverb

Water which is too pure has no fish.     

Afghan Proverb

It is the calm and silent water that drowns a man.     

Ghanaian Proverb

Filthy water cannot be washed.      

African Proverb

There's plenty of water in the universe without life, but nowhere is there life without water.      

Sylvia A. Earle

Water is the basis of life and the blue arteries of the earth! Everything in the non-marine environment depends on freshwater to survive.      

Sandra Postel

It is water, in every form and at every scale, that saturates the mind. All the water that will ever be is, right now.     

National Geographic