What If Sayings and Quotes

Life is too short to wonder what could have been. No one wants to spend their life regretting chances never taken or not pursuing their dreams. Seize the day with the collection of wise and insightful what if quotes.

The what-if's and the should-have's will eat your brain.      

John O'Callaghan

When you ask 'why', 'what if,' and 'why not' you force yourself to explore what's possible and not just what is.     

Josh Linkner

What if today...you were inspired and fed by your thoughts instead of being confined by them?     

Marjo-Riikka Makela

What if you began to expect the best from any situation? Isn't it possible that you could write new chapters in your life with happy endings? Suspend your disbelief? Take a leap of faith? After all, what have you got to lose but misery and lack?     

Sarah Ban Breathnach

What if everything is an illusion and nothing exists? In that case, I definitely overpaid for my carpet.     

Woody Allen

What if all those things I did were the things that got me here.      


In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take.      


Had I been older, I would've never been able to pull it off because I would've analyzed it to death. When I was 16, there was no such thing as 'what if.'     

Frank Abagnale

What if you could be anything, or anybody, you chose to be? Think about it. What would you choose to be?     

Nido Qubein

What if we knew what tomorrow would bring? Would we fix it? Could we?     

Cecelia Ahern

This is our life; there's no use in asking what if. No one could ever give you the answers. I try, I really do, but it's hard for me to accept this way of thinking. I'm always wondering about the what-ifs, about the road not taken.     

Jenny Han

You can't be overwhelmed by the what-ifs, or you'll miss out on the best part.     

Rebekah Crane

Leaders do not play a "what if game". They believe it will be and work it to be! Success is scarce because fear is common.     

Israelmore Ayivor

You'll never get anywhere if you go about what-iffing like that. Would Columbus have discovered America if he'd said 'What if I sink on the way over? What if I meet pirates? What if I never come back?' He wouldn't even have started.     

Roald Dahl

Plato says that the unexamined life is not worth living. But what if the examined life turns out to be a clunker as well?     

Kurt Vonnegut