Wise New Sayings

Wise New SayingAuthor
Kids are naturally curious. – unknown
Kids need positive reinforcements. – unknown
Kids say the darndest things. – Art Linkletter?
Kindness is contagious and so is anger. – unknown
Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. – unknown
Learn from the eyes in the back of your head. – Spencer B. Longmore = the saying means learn from your past experiences and those of others who have gone before you.
Learning the hard way makes the lessons more valuable. – Monty Overson
Let all love the beauty of what they are doing themselves in accordance with their intellect. – Sinoj Jacob Manuel
Let kids be kids. – unknown
Let your virtues speak for themselves. – unknown
Life is a balancing act. – unknown
Life is fragile; Don’t break it. – Keisha
Life is like a box of chocolates. It always runs out. – Darqaawi
Life is too short for games that take too long. – Mary Bow**
Listen to your inner voice. – unknown
Live, laugh, love for tomorrow is another day. – Robert Gerus
Live life like there is no tomorrow. – author’s identity lost in mail. His added message: Live life to the fullest because you may not have it tomorrow.
Look at how far you’ve come, not how far you have left to go. – unknown
Losers live life from the outside in, while winners live life from the inside out. – unknown
Love is a decision. – unknown
Love is like a rose; it may seem beautiful, but if you get too close, you could get hurt. – April D. Colclough
Mankind’s serenity lies in the individual’s thought of the “ME”, alotting equal time for the “WE”. – Serge Crespy is the author of this saying and he explains that the “ME” is money and the “WE” is God.
Meditation is watching through the eye of a needle. – Jean Noil
Music is a rock cracker capable of melting the hardest heart. – Cynthia B. Nankumba
Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. – Red Auerbach
Negative thoughts are a waste of precious energy. – unknown
Never say never and never say always. – D. Hawks
Never set anyone aside as insignificant; we never know what they can teach us. – unknown,thanks to D. Seranian
Nice guys finish last, may be true for emotional nice guys (while calm nice guys do quite well), but whether calm or emotional, nice guys attract women, and if they choose carefully, and select a nice woman, they have very satisfying relationships. – Editors
Ninety percent of the time what you can’t laugh at owns you. – Zoe Calder, Writer
No peace for the wicked, no rest for the good. – from a song
No two person are alike. – Maggie Tham Cheng Yun
Nobody can walk all over me unless I lie down first. – Abigail Van Buren
Nothing is ever as good or as bad as it may seem. – unknown
Old sayings are timeless; despite the era or age, they can still fit. – Monty Overson
One dollar is the same as one million dollars if enjoyment comes from both. – Eithan Graber
One rock cannot start a fire alone. – unknown
One rose given in love is remembered more than roomfuls given out of duty. – author unknown, (thanks to Paozinga for submission)
One who knows how the job is done will have a job for life; one who knows why the job is done will always be the boss. – unknown
Our actions show who we really are. – Jim Garnett
Our attitude is the crayon that colors our world. – Allen Klein
People are a mass of inconsistencies. – unknown
Power is a loaded gun; it can backfire on the user. – Monty Overson
Practice and interest are the foundations of learning. – Bryan Sullivan
Practice is the only substitute for natural genius. – Monty Overson
Procrastination only adds stress to your life. – submitter’s name lost
Science thrives, Wisdom dies. – Serge Crespy 1942-
Sh** happens! – unknown
Shop at home first. – unknown
Someone suffers a saddening defeat; somewhere else, quite independently, someone realizes an uplifing victory. Sinoj Jacob Manuel (on overcoming defeat by feeling glad for others who are triumphing)
Some people trash the things that other people can only dream of. – PiNoYPhEnoM (hip-hop saying (trash=take for granted))
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will break my heart. – (by harold h. cornett,jr.)
Success gets to be a habit. – unknown
Success is never forever and failure isn’t fatal. – Don Shula
Successful people don’t talk about failure, but use the words “setback” or “challenge”. – unknown
Surround yourself with loving people. – Judy Gannon
Take a break between completing tasks. – unknown
Take away someone’s hope and you leave them with nothing. – Anonymous
Talent is all about knowing how to use your intelligence. – M. Slater
Teach people how to treat you. – unknown
Teachers can make a difference in the life of a child. – Quentin D’Souza
That was then; this is now. – Warren McKeown (1980-)(on change)
The difference in a pig and a hog is lean in his meat. – Author unknown
The final lesson of history: Lets never go back there again. – Jay Huff
The greatest atrocity in life is to live it in regret. – Xienna Pagaduan
The harder you work, the luckier you get. – Earl Overson
The more shortcuts you take in life, the quicker you will come to the end of it. – Chris Reed
The only truly consistent people are the dead. – Jay Huff
The secret to happiness is not to expect much out of life. – Anonymous
The want to love is the want to live. – Zainab
The world is a book; life is a pen; our actions create words. – Greg Platz
There are no pinch hitters in the game of life. – Alan S. Neihaus
There is nothing more beautiful than nature itself. – Zainab
There is a big gulf between thoughts and actions…but, determination, committment, and hard work bridge the two. – Chrisbel N. Dafeamekpor
Those people who enjoy life even through the hardships are the real successors. – Sinoj Jacob Manuel
Those who insult others are usually describing themselves. – Jay Huff
Time is an illusion, only change exists. – Jim Garnett
To appreciate something to the fullest, go without it first. – Julius Villaluz
To be human is human, there is no difference. – Ruben Zuniga
To do a mistake is not a crime, but to repeat it is definitely one. – Rajesh Jain
To find the meaning of life is like telling you to catch a star and slice it in half. – Shiv Daddar
Treat students or staff as the winners you’re helping them to be. – Monty Overson
Trust is like the soul; once it’s gone, it never returns. – unknown
Trust the language: managers manage, directors direct, presidents preside. – Monty Overson
Truth does not need a raised voice, it’s felt in the heart. – Jim Garnett
Turn negatives into positives. – unknown
Use it up; wear it out; make it do or do without! – L Reid
We are only as busy as we let ourselves be. – Martha Scott
“We have two ears and only one tongue in order that we may hear more and speak less.” – origin unknown but thanks to Jessica Fairley
What joy it is to be an imperfect human. – Anonymous
What makes us discontented with ourselves is our absurdly exaggerated idea we have of the happiness of others. – Jay Huff
What you think other think about you will eventually influence how you picture yourself. – Maggie Tham Cheng Yun
When the heart is driving, logic is the backseat driver. – Monty Overson
When the pain of remaining the same exceeds the pain of change, you will change. – unknown
When you are young, laziness is fear sparking from depression. – Lemark Solomon
When you lose, don’t lose the lesson. – Dalai Lama
When your WHY is strong enough, the HOW becomes easy. – Dave McDaniel
When you’re stumped, a coffee break is a good use of time. – Monty Overson
Worry gains you nothing but wasted time and effort. – David Neave
Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you anywhere. – MLizzy66
Why give someone your time when they won’t give you theirs. – unknown, thanks to Carri Serrano
You are the hero of your life. – Zainab
You are what you are in your head. – Jim Garnett
You can’t change the past, but you can improve the future. – Tim Lester
You can’t expect a bird to fly with broken wings. – Ben Sullivan
You can’t make anyone want to do anything. – Monty Overson
You have no choice how you were born, but you have all the choices in the way you live. – Alice Robertson
You’ll never do anything behind you that won’t come up in front of you. – unknown thanks to [email protected]
Your mind will always be trying to catch the fish that you need, you just have to bring out the fishing hook. – Lemark Solomon