Quotes starting with v

Below you will find our collection of inspirational quotes and sayings starting with the letter v, collected over the years from a variety of sources.


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Vacation: a period of travel and relaxation when you take twice the clothes and half the money you need. -- Jerry Smith
Vacation: Two weeks on the sunny sands - and the rest of the year on the financial rocks. -- Sam Ewing
Vacations are necessities, not luxuries. -- Linda Bloom
Vacations are the coupons on the bonds of industry. -- Harry Van Demark
Vacations prove that a life of pleasure is overrated. -- Mason Cooley
Vaccines are a miracle; they're fantastic. Anything that makes people hesitate to give their children these vaccines according to the recommended schedule creates risk. Risk for the children who don't get vaccinated and risk for children, some of whom don't have an immune system, so they're benefiting from the fact that the community protection means the disease doesn't get to them. -- Bill Gates
Vaccines are extremely well tested; their safety is well understood. The false allegations about vaccines causing autism have been disproven. But there are still echoes out there confusing people. -- Bill Gates
Vaccines are not traditionally big money makers. They're given once or a few times in one's life, so they're never going to be blockbusters. -- Paul A. Offit
Vaccines are the most cost-effective health care interventions there are. A dollar spent on a childhood vaccination not only helps save a life, but greatly reduces spending on future healthcare. -- Ezekiel Emanuel
Vaccines are the tugboats of preventive health. -- William Foege
Vaccines don't cause autism. Vaccines, instead, prevent disease. Vaccines have wiped out a score of formerly deadly childhood diseases. Vaccine skepticism has helped to bring some of those diseases back from near extinction. -- Alex Pareene
Vaccines save lives; fear endangers them. It's a simple message parents need to keep hearing. -- Jeffrey Kluger
Vague and mysterious forms of speech, and abuse of language, have so long passed for mysteries of science; and hard or misapplied words with little or no meaning have, by prescription, such a right to be mistaken for deep learning and height of speculation, that it will not be easy to persuade either those who speak or those who hear them, that they are but the covers of ignorance and hindrance of true knowledge. -- John Locke
Vague expression permits the hearer to imagine whatever suits him and what he already thinks in any case. -- Theodor Adorno
Vague statements are interchangeable. -- Robert Mager
Vaguely conscious of that great suspense in which we live, we find our escape from its sterile, annihilating reality in many dreams, in religion, passion, art. -- Arthur Symons
Vagueness and procrastination are ever a comfort to the frail in spirit. -- John Updike
Vagueness and procrastination are ever a comfort to the frail in spirit. -- John Updike
Vagueness is at times an indication of nearness to a perfect truth. -- Charles Ives
Valentine's Day is a perfect time to reject the idea that the ideal man is taller, richer, more knowledgeable, more renowned, or more powerful. -- Stephanie Coontz