Losing A Friend Sayings and Quotes

At a certain point in life, we all lose a friend. Whether it’s due to distance, choice or death, loss unfortunately is inevitable. While they may be gone, you’ll still have memories of the good times and cherished moments together. Below you’ll find a collection of wise and inspirational quotes on losing a friend.

Chairman of the board. / Hey, but you're losing friends / 'Cause you lost their patience, / Nobody wants to know.     

Damian Birchall B Costin,David Ghim Cheng,Matt Charles Balfe,Patrick Thomas Robertson

Somehow I'll end up just losing a friend and / I can only reach for you relate to you / I'm losing my friend where did she go     

Justin S Furstenfeld

We drifted apart I was on the fence with / Losing a friend is that apart of growing up      

Christopher Mercado, James Sims IV

I been praying waste no time / Got some things up on my mind / I been losing all my friends / I got Jesus that is fine      

Jamal Marshall

Losing a friend isn't what we had in mind exactly / All we need is a friend I guess / With my midnight star to guide through / Clouds of loneliness     

Gordon Lightfoot

Folding out a picture we blur / 'Cause here in the end / I'm losing a friend / Fighting back a tear when it burns / Dividing up the pieces that we were     

Jeremy Lister,Jeremy Branum Lister

After the rainbow had gone / It's so sad losing a friend / But the memories are lingering on     


And I'm losing it all again, my friend, it's quite a feeling / And it's so hard to believe in this kind of feeling     

Carl Noren

Feels like the end / When you're closer to losing your dreams / Than losing a friend / Flying blind / I'm shooting into the dark     

Billy Sherwood

And young, and happy--why then, my Friend, / Should other friends ask of me, / Tell them I lived and loved and died / In the best of all company.     

Dinah Maria Mulock Craik

My friend, I am not what I seem. Seeming is but a garment I wear--a / care-woven garment that protects me from thy questionings and thee / from my negligence.     

Khalil Gibran

Friend of many a season fled, / What may sorrow send / Toward thee now from lips that said / 'Friend'?     

Algernon Charles Swinburne

My friend has fled! alas, my friend has fled, / And left me nought but tears and pain behind! / Like smoke above a flame caught by the wind, / So rose she from my breast and forth she sped.     

Shams al-Din Hafiz

O' my stranger friend / I know you are my happiness / My love and my life / But this is not my fate / To meet and see you / Let me live, alone     

Ehsan Sehgal

In vain with friendship's flattering name / Thy passion veils its inward shame; / Friendship, the treacherous fuel of thy flame!     

Mark Akenside

It's never a good day to lose a friend. / When you take someone's life... you lose a part of your own as well.     

Gene Roddenberry,Rick Berman

Nothing hurts worse than losing a friend to bullets, politics, or something personal.     

Matt Nix, Rashad Raisani

You have my word. Losing a friend's trust is the fastest way to lose a friend.     

Lauren Faust , Meghan McCarthy

My world could expand. I could form a long term connection that isn't with you. And since you put the darkest possible construction on everything, you could end up losing a friend     

David Shore, Doris Egan 

Troubles come and troubles go / Friendship lasts like a never ending show / I tried to fight it / But you let me see / That my own happineess in life is key     

Cody Ghiggia

Comes a stranger who calls your name / Treating you all the same / Because / Sometime stangers are our best friends / Being able to treat like they're our best kin     

Cody Ghiggia

Loosing a friend to a move can feel a lot like losing a friend for good.     

L.L. Owens

The loss of a loved one or friend can cause a void in a person's life--a void that may never be filled.     

Tracy A. Phillips

The death of a friend or a family member is one of the most difficult events a person can experience.     

Tracy A. Phillips

So I have to let that part of us die / I'm losing a friend to marriage / A friend that I will forever cherish     


We had everything covered internally,but every friend turned foe / And the beginning of a beautiful life ended with just one blow      


How could you betray me and act like everything is gravy / When if the shoe were on the other foot,you'd be ready to slay me / I dont know what I'll call you if I see you again / It may not be a foe,but it wont be a friend     


And yet our hearts are sad / that on this mighty road / the friends we meet can set no place to meet again     

Gary Kowalski

Losing a jacket was on thing, but losing a friend is a much bigger loss. I've learned that when I loan something to someone, I should consider it gone.I never want a possession to take the place of a friendship.     

Mark Matlock

Losing a friend is losing a part of ourselves.     

Helder Diniz